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Banner with Burlap and Buffalo Check

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Burlap + buffalo plaid = so much fun!  Scrap material was left over from making envelope pillow covers to create this banner with burlap and buffalo check. The perfect way to put it to good use.

Banner with burlap and buffalo check.

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Buffalo check fleece blanket.

This buffalo check fleece blanket was a doorbuster deal at Michael’s recently.  Of course, I couldn’t pass it up considering my latest buffalo plaid obsession.

Buffalo plaid pillows on tan couch.

As I mentioned, I made envelope pillow covers. They coordinate well with the table runner I recently made for my coffee table.  AND, the deer pillow I found on Amazon. I told you I was a bit obsessed!

Supplies to make banner with burlap and buffalo check:

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  • 1/3  yard of your favorite fabric.  It doesn’t have to be buffalo plaid;-) BUT, in case that is what you really want,  here is a link to red and black buffalo check fabric sold by the half yard on Amazon.
  • Burlap. (this should be enough!)
  • Fabric scissors.
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Sewing machine. Here is a link to my model.  It works great for beginning sewers such as myself.
  • Straight sewing pins
  • Jute string.  I used about 5 feet.

Step 1:

Scrap material for banner on kitchen table.
Pin edges of material to make banner.
Sew the edge allowing space for the string to pass through for the banner.

The ends of the blanket were about 11″ long after I cut what I needed to make the pillow covers.  Fold the edge over about an inch and pin.  Iron, then sew a straight seam.

Step 2:

Individual buffalo check banner piece in red and black.

Cut into 2 inch strips.  If using flannel, fray the edges a bit by pulling loose strings.  This gives your banner a more rustic look.

Step 3:

Burlap banner pieces on carpet.

Repeat the above steps for your burlap.  Note, I used a piece of burlap I already had that was left over from who knows what.  It was less than 10 inches in length so it ended up quite a bit shorter than the buffalo check.

Step 4:

Thread string through top of banner piece.

After cutting into 2 inch strips, begin pulling the jute twine through the top of your strips.  I tied one end of the twine to a safety pin to make it easier to string through the fabric strips.  

Alternate your fabrics.

Super easy and a great way to use fabric scraps!  I will likely trim the edges of the buffalo plaid so the strips will be more similar in length.

My plan is to fray the burlap edges a bit more and add several more strips both types of fabric to give the banner a bit more bulk.  But for now, you get the idea!

Banner with Burlap and Buffalo Check:
Banner with burlap and buffalo check

Banner with burlap and buffalo check with tutorial
Christmas banner with burlap and buffalo check.

I hope you enjoyed how to make a banner with burlap and buffalo check plaid!  It’s always fun to find ways to use things that might otherwise be thrown away.

Don’t forget you can use any fabric scraps you have on hand!

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