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Rolo Pretzels-Fast and Easy Treats

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If you are looking for a fast and easy holiday treat, Rolo Pretzels are the snack for you!  This delicious sweet and salty treat requires only three ingredients and the steps are super simple.

Rolo and m&ms on pretzels wrapped on top of parchment paper

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Steps for Rolo and Mint M&M Treats:

1) Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

I promise, you do not want to forget this!  I left mine in the oven too long and the Rolos melted and adhered to my cookie sheet. What a mess!

3) Place pretzels directly on parchment paper.

You can put them in rows or simply space them out on the cookie sheet.

4) Unwrap Rolos and place one on each pretzel.

This is a bit tedious, but super simple. Usually my daughter and one of her friends helps me with this step.

Place the Rolo in the center of the pretzel.

5) Heat in oven for 2-3 minutes on 325 degrees.

They don’t need to bake, just leave them in your oven until Rolos have had an opportunity to slightly begin to melt. This happens quickly, so don’t start another project while they are in the oven.

6) Remove from oven and add your M&M.

You will want to press down on the M&Ms slightly into the Rolos. Work somewhat quickly so you can place the M&Ms while the Rolos are still warm.

7)  Allow to cool.

That’s it!  Sometimes I place in the refrigerator to cool more quickly. Or if it’s chilly outside, that would work too!

rolo pretzels with Christmas colored m&ms

Ways to change it up:

  • Substitute regular M&Ms, pecans, or any of your other favorite M&M variants for the mint M&Ms.
  • They are also fun with pastel M&Ms around Easter.
  • Use the square OR the regular shaped pretzel.

Can you freeze Rolo Pretzel treats?

You can, but the quality might suffer. Since this dessert is so fast and simple, I would highly recommend making them fresh if possible.

The Rolo pretzel treats will still taste fresh for a week or more, so you have plenty of time to enjoy them or share with friends!

This simple sweet and salty snack is so fast.  It is an easy dessert we make several times throughout the holiday season.

They are fantastic for a simple gift for neighbors, teachers, or coworkers!

Now you know how to make Rolo Pretzels!

I told you it was easy;-)

These are clearly geared towards Christmas, but you can make these any time of year.

Rolo Pretzels:

Rolo Pretzels candy
close up image of Rolo Pretzels with green mint m&ms
Rolo Pretzels with green mint M&Ms in tin.

What are some easy desserts you love? Leave me a comment and share it with us.

Let’s help each other make life a little easier!

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