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Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Printable

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Do you feel the need to get everything in your life organized this time of year?   The holidays can be overwhelming and any sense of order can make us feel better.  I’ve got something I think will help!  My Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Printable is sure to kick start your organization for the new year!

Birthday and Anniversary calendar.

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I’m  a big picture sort of person. Perhaps this is why I LOVE the “Calendex” so much. This concept was created by Eddy Hope and I happen to think it’s brilliant.

What is a Calendex
Bullet journal birthday and anniversary calendar

The Calendex is a great way to organize all of your loved one’s special days and see everything at a glance.  

It is so helpful for me to see if I need to get a gift or card in the mail.  If you keep a bullet journal, I encourage you to consider this page layout.

But, if you would just prefer to print out a calendar for all the birthdays you need to remember I have just the thing for you!  These calendars have all of the months and dates and could be used for any year!

Birthday and Anniversary Calendar PrintableBirthday and Anniversary calendar printable that can be downloaded and printed!

Just pencil in the individual’s name on the date of their special day and you are set!

Here are a few of my favorite bullet journaling tools:

I know some of you prefer to keep everything in your bullet journal.  If that’s the case, it doesn’t take long to make the above Calendex spread in your bujo.  I’ve linked to some of my favorite journaling tools below.

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1. Leuchtturm 1917 hard cover medium dotted journal / 2.  Pilot Precise V5RT Retractable pen /   3.Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens / 4. Tombow Correction Tape / 5. Westcott Transparent Ruler

I must tell you that I LOVE the ruler shown here.  But, it comes in 12″ and the typical notebook is 8″.  In order to solve that problem, I cut mine down to 8 inches so it works perfectly for my bullet journal!  

It’s obviously a little extra effort, but having this ruler is worth it in my opinion.

I hope you feel more organized already.  Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite ways of keeping track of important days!

How to Print

To print the birthday and anniversary calendar printable, click on the download button below.

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Thanks for stopping by and have an organized day!

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