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Winter Planter Ideas / Christmas Decorations for the Outdoors

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Outdoor Christmas decorations just make me smile. I love to drive around neighborhoods around the holidays, looking at lights and pretty decorations to get into the Christmas spirit. Today I’m sharing some super fast and simple outdoor christmas planter ideas that can carry over through the winter. Think low maintenance!

Two different winter planter ideas using cut limbs and bows.

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I’m joining several talented DIY bloggers in the Deck the Home Challenge this Christmas season. Each week is a different holiday-themed DIY project. Today’s challenge is centered around outdoor decor.

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You might be thinking, who has time for lots of EXTRA Christmas decorating? I get it.

I’ve been a little scattered this year. We recently got new flooring on the second story of my home. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit preoccupied getting ready for that and purging junk we never should have accumulated in the first place.

So, I totally can relate to not having a lot of free time for pretty outside Christmas decorations. BUT, these diy Christmas planters were so fast and simple.

Seriously, if you have an hour to spare, you can create a couple of pretty winter porch pots that will not only look great for Christmas, but look beautiful throughout the cold winter season.

Winter Planter Ideas

There are so many ways you can create amazing winter porch pots. But, I tend to go for easy and inexpensive most of the time.

These certainly fit that criteria. If you have access to evergreen trees, you can create these beautiful winter container gardens in no time.

How to make Christmas Planters

Let’s get to it! Using old dirt in pots works really well to keep the evergreen cuttings in place. If you needed to add a little bulk, you could always add floral foam blocks.

1. Select your greenery

Try to find a variety of evergreens with different colors and textures to give your winter planters a bit more interest. Some ideas:

  • White pine
  • Spruce
  • Arborvitae
  • Juniper
  • Cedar
  • Boxwood
  • Fir
  • Magnolia
Privacy screen with evergreens in yard.

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I was able to take some cuttings / clippings directly from my backyard. Not everyone has a small forest near their home, I realize.

Try going to a Christmas tree farm near you to see if they will give you some evergreen clippings.

Alternatively, you can purchase them at a local greenhouse, floral shop, or garden center such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

2. Ensure you are using freeze proof pots

Don’t grab your terra cotta pots for these planters!

I’m a Missouri girl. So unfortunately, cold winters are just part of life. If you live in a region where cold winters are the norm, find pots that won’t crack during a hard freeze.

If you are reusing containers from your summer or fall planters, be sure to pull out any plants that won’t make it through the winter prior to adding your evergreen clippings.

For me, that was pretty much everything.

I had some really pretty geraniums that I didn’t get around to bringing in before our first frost. They didn’t make it. Want a peek at our outdoor space during warm weather months:

Spray Painting Outdated Patio and Deck Decor

3. Start adding your greenery in layers

I grabbed an inexpensive small Arborvitae at Home Depot for the center of one of my planters.

arborvitae from Home Depot for winter planter.
winter container garden assembling into floral arranement.

The other greenery was from clippings taken from several of our evergreens. The cuttings were pushed into the planter, ensuring various textures of the greenery could be visualized.

I had several branches from a sycamore tree that I used in the center of one of my winter porch pots.

sycamore branches in diy Christmas planter.

Birch trees also have beautiful branches for this type of planter decor.

Keep on adding greenery until you get the fullness you are going for.

4. Add berry stems and pinecones

I used artificial berry stems for my winter planters. But, if you have Redwood twigs, Berry Heavy Winter Berry Holly, or similar in your own landscaping, use that!

red berries in winter container plants for outdoor Christmas decorating.

Pinecones are also great to tuck into your winter planters for a little extra texture!

5. Add a pretty bow and you are done!

I think the little details can be a game changer. Adding a fancy bow just ties it all together…no pun intended;-)

Not sure how to tie a decorative bow. Learn how here!

It is super easy, I promise.

Bows are great to add to outdoor wreaths, too.

winter pot with sycamore branches and greenery.
outdoor winter planter on edge of patio.

6. Don’t forget to add water to preserve your evergreen clippings

If your temperatures are above freezing, add water to your pots to keep the evergreen cuttings fresh and pretty. You’ll need to do this periodically throughout the winter season. If you get a light snow, that will help give them a little moisture.

I also love to add some string lights to a few of our outdoor trees to add simple Christmas decorations for the outdoors.

string lights on outdoor trees for simple Christmas decorating ideas.

String lights on a deck, porch, gazebo, or pergola can add a little more exterior illumination. We use and love our outdoor cafe lights all year long!

How do you decorate your exterior space for Christmas? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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