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Teen Gift Guide for Boys and Girls

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Looking for awesome Christmas gifts for teens? This teen gift guide will give you great ideas for boys AND girls. Included are budget friendly items under $20, plus a few more expensive items.

Teen gift guide for boys and girls

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If you have a teenager in your life, you know the struggle to find a gift they will enjoy. I’ve enlisted my own teenage kiddos to help me come up with several options to make a teenage guy and gal happy this holiday season.

I’ve also teamed up with some dear blogging friends of mine that will be sharing budget friendly holiday gifts as well. Hang on until the end of the post to get their great ideas!

Onto cool gifts for teens…

Teen Gifts Under $20

Some of these gifts might work just fine for either a boy or a girl. Many of these ideas are based on what my teenagers thought their friends might like plus a few ideas I have myself since I’m surrounded by teens 24-7.

Teen girls

Bath bombs / Scrunchies / Fuzzy socks / Earbud carrying case

Bath bombs are always a hit. Adult gals love these, too!

My daughter thinks that scrunchies might be on their way out, but I know she and her friends always seem to still have them around!

The fuzzy socks are cat specific, so if your teen girl is into something else or just prefers plain, then go that route. Either way, most teen girls LOVE cozy socks.

I recently ran across these earbud cases and thought they were really fun! They’re great for keeping things a bit more tidy and organized!

Moleskine dotted notebook / Staedtler Fineliner pens / Message Balls / The Ultimate Guide to College

My daughter and I both love a great quality notebook. Moleskines won’t disappoint. If your teen is into bullet journaling or she just likes pretty notebooks, she’ll love this. The Staedtler pens are some of my daughter’s favorite writing tools…and I agree 100%.

We haven’t tried the message balls yet, but it was on my daughter’s Christmas list.

Young teen girls are super curious about all things college. The Seventeen Magazine guide to college seemed like a good ‘extra’ item to add to a girl’s Christmas!

Pura Vida Bracelet / Stickers for water bottles / Pura Vida ring / Mario Badescu facial spray

The Pura Vida jewelry is pretty popular right now. It sounds like the bracelets are a big thing amongst young ladies. My daughter is 13 years old and thinks they’re great.

Just when you think they are outgrowing stickers…apparently stickers are a thing. For notebooks, water bottles, you name it!

The Mario Badescu facial spray is all the rage. My daughter says Rosewater is her personal favorite.

Zen Garden / Diffuser / Essential Oils / Wall Calendar

Zen gardens are great for girls or guys. They are a fun way to relieve a little stress and give teens a chance to play in the sand again, like the good ol’ days;-)

Diffusers and essential oils are a nice way to add a personalized scent to a teen room.

These pretty wall calendars have lines to write in important dates and details!

Teen Boys

PJ Pants / Bluetooth beanie hat / Flashlight gloves / Bluetooth shower speaker

Boys like pj pants, too! Pick a nice color your teen will love. Grab a soft t-shirt to go along with it!

This bluetooth beanie was kind of fun. It had good ratings, so it looked like a winner to me.

I find that even though teen boys are no longer little children, they still like fun stuff. The flashlight gloves are functional AND fun. They would also be great for an adult that needs to work on a project, but doesn’t have a free hand for holding a flashlight.

My son enjoyed his shower speaker a few years ago, but it bit the dust. I think this is something boys and girls both would like.

Men’s Manicure set / Thermal insulated socks / Men’s lotion / Anker Power Bank

The manicure set might not be the most fun gift around, but it would be a great stocking stuffer for a guy.

My son would definitely not like the “fuzzy socks” my daughter enjoys, but I think he’d appreciate the thermal socks here.

Skin care is a big thing for guys, but I know my son wants basic without scent. This lotion looks to be great for winter, but is non-greasy. Perfect.

Phones drive a mama crazy, but having teens, I realize they are part of life. A power bank ensures the phone doesn’t run out of charge so there is no excuse to not answering Mom’s texts.

Tile pro key chain / Charger carry case / Anti theft backpack / T-shirt

Teenagers can occasionally be forgetful (I know I was!) and lose their keys. This key chain will help them find their keys, phone, and a number of other things!

Even guys need an organization tool every now and then. The charger carrying case will keep all of those chargers and small gadgets together.

At the time of this post, the above backpack is below the $20 mark. That is a great deal! Take a look and I hope the price is still good.

The t-shirt “I paused my game to be here” is kind of fitting for a gamer if you have one.

A Little More expensive teen gift ideas

Airpods / Apple Watch (more feminine) / Apple Watch (more masculine) / Hydroflask

I hope this has given you a few ideas (if not ALL the ideas) to get your teenagers set for Christmas!

Don’t forget to pin this to your favorite Christmas Pinterest board for later!

Stack of red presents by Christmas tree.

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