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Teen Boy Bathroom Makeover

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If you have any teenage boys in your life, you can appreciate the need for easy-to-keep-clean, low maintenance spaces. My son’s bathroom hadn’t had any decor changes since we moved into our home 12 years ago – It was definitely time for this teen boy bathroom makeover!

Teen Boy Bathroom Makeover

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Let’s jump right into the before pictures!  I’m not sure how I let this happen, but my poor 13 year old son was using a bathroom with zoo animals on the walls.

Teenage Boy Bathroom Before:

Teenage boy bathroom makeover - before

He couldn’t care less about “home decor”, so he hadn’t even bothered to complain about it.  His bathroom just stayed on the back burner.

We have a two-story home and his bathroom is upstairs.  Although the room is small, his ceilings are VERY high.  That made me keep procrastinating painting them because I was afraid the tall walls would be a nightmare to paint.

But, a dear friend let me borrow her paint extension pole which made the job pretty easy.  Seriously, it was no big deal at all!

Look at those tall ceilings!

Teenage boy bathroom makeover - Painting high ceilings

This leads me to my paint color selection.  True confession:  the paint color I used was a mixture of about 4 different shades of gray that I had left over from previous painting projects in my home. Requisite gray, Dorian Gray, and Mindful Gray.  

I’m not sure if I ended up putting Revere Pewter into the mix, but it’s possible!

I don’t know that I would recommend mixing all sorts of paint together as who knows what you’ll end up with!  BUT, I have done this several times and haven’t been disappointed.  My thought is, if I don’t like it after I get going, then I’ll just run out and get new paint!

While I was painting, I had my son look for stock photos online to replace the zoo prints.  I took the old frames apart, painted the frame mat to match the images he selected, then inserted the new image.  Easy!


I used mostly items I had around my home for my son’s bathroom update or just picked up a few things here or there as I was putting it together. But these are some items you might find helpful:

Using old frames for new prints:
Paining old frames for teenage boy bathroom makeover

As I mentioned, one of the main focuses I had for this project was to make it as easy as possible to keep clean and stay organized.  

My son doesn’t have a care in the world about drawer organizers, BUT if I put systems into place that make it easy for him to find his things, he’s more likely to put things back.

Simple plastic bins from Target were used to keep like items together. Nothing fancy, but he keeps everything off of the counters now (most of the time!).

Simple drawer organization for a teen boy

Prior to this makeover, he was using an over-the-toilet shelving unit for his towels. The space was so small that it always felt cluttered and messy.  So, now all of the towels go under the sink.

I am not naive to think that they will always be nicely folded, but at least they will behind closed doors!  

Note, the floor mat.  He LOVES memory foam, so that was all it took to make him happy.

Our mat is from Walmart.  I couldn’t get a link for the exact one we got, but here is a similar mat from Target.

Under cabinet organization in a teenage boy's bathroom

Teen Boy Bathroom Makeover AFTER pics:

Updating a teenage boy's bathroom with new paint and wall decor!
Teenage boys bathroom makeover. Walls painted in a mixture of Mindful Gray, Revere Pewter, Dorian gray, and Requisite Gray
Teenage boy's bathroom makeover in gray.

The biggest update is that it’s actually clean!  Seriously though, it is so much better. He is really liking the more masculine, grown up color schemes.

As I mentioned, the update is nothing fancy, but it made SUCH a difference.

Have you done a bathroom makeover lately?  I love to hear about your projects, too.  I’m also in the process of redecorating my daughter’s bathroom! That will come soon;-)

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  1. Looks great. That should last until he leaves for college! Two paint colors not to mix: brown and gray…turns out sorta purple/pink. Not what I was going for.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I’m not ready to think about college – we need to survive middle school first! 😳. Sorry about the bad combination of brown and gray! Definitely taking a risk when mixing colors…I think I’ve just gotten lucky to this point!

    1. I am not sure where he ended up getting the prints as I let him do that part himself. I did tell him to find some that were licensed under Creative Commons Public domain dedication. This just means they are free from Copyright restrictions. But, I use Pixabay a lot. Thanks for visiting my blog;-)

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