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Charitable Donation Tracking Worksheet

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Taxes. They are no fun for anyone.  But, I have found the more organized I am going into it, the less I dread completing them.  I’ve created a simple charitable donation tracking worksheet to help you feel more prepared next time you do your taxes. I’ve also included a few tips that might just make tax time less stressful!

Charitable donation tracking worksheet and tips to stay organized with taxes.

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Whether you complete your taxes yourself, or hire someone, you’ll need a system to keep things organized for tax time.

If you have several causes you support or frequently go through your home and purge items you no longer need, you likely will have a substantial tax savings. That is, IF you are able to keep track of it!

Disclaimer:  I am not an expert with taxes.  But, my husband and I have done our own taxes since before we were married and have learned a few things along the way.  For more specific details regarding taxes, contact your tax advisor.


1. Keep all of your tax receipts in a file folder.

A simple, but effective method to keep me on track throughout the year is to have a file folder in a handy place for all of my donation receipts. But, the most important piece of this is to make sure you get a receipt.

Most places are happy to provide a receipt, but will not necessarily provide one if you don’t ask. It takes a few extra moments, but it’s essential that you have the receipt should you ever get audited.

2. Itemize your donation items.

Ensure you keep an itemized list of the specific items you donate as well as the value of the items.  Staple your itemized list of items / value of items to your receipt, then throw it in the file (mentioned in #1).

3. Evernote is a great place to track donation items.

If you prefer to keep everything at your fingertips and love technology, Evernote might be a great tool for you to consider.  Evernote would allow you to take a picture of the receipt, type in the itemized list, and even take a picture of the donation items!

4. IDonatedIt app.

IDonatedIt is an app that keeps track of your donation items and also assists with providing a value of the items.  I have yet to try this app, but it looks like a great option!

Remember that Charitable Donation Tracking Worksheet I mentioned?

Click here or on the image below to get yours.  Start the year off right and stay organized from the beginning.  You’ll be glad you did!

Do have any other methods of keeping yourself organized for tax season? Hopefully this Charitable Donation Tracking Worksheet is helpful!

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  1. Perfect timing, I have never been great at keeping track of donations so most years I don’t even put it on my taxes. This will be very helpful for 2018!

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