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Deck and Backyard Makeover: Before and After

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An inviting outdoor space can feel like having an extra room for your home. Sometimes a few tweaks can make all of the difference. This is our full backyard and deck makeover with before and after pictures for inspiration.

Composite deck with black and tan outdoor rug, teak table, and wicker chairs.
Deck after adding roof and composite decking.

Backyard Before and After:

Before I dive into before and after photos, let me describe our situation. Our backyard faces the west so it gets LOTS of sun all summer long.

Summer is my favorite season, but the amount of sun that our deck was getting made it unpleasant even for a sun lover like me.

Our deck was a cedar deck which requires upkeep.  I’m obviously up for a good DIY, but re-staining a deck might be one of my least favorite projects ever.

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Deck BEFORE Makeover:

Deck with faded wood stain and goldendoodle.

I had stained the deck 2 times myself and I had hired it done one other time over the course of the 12 years we’ve lived here.

But, with the amount of sun it got each day, it just didn’t hold up well. It was pretty gross, but our goldendoodle, Bentley, didn’t mind!

Old cedar deck with dirt spots and faded wood stain.

It’s crazy looking back at these pictures.  The makeover was clearly long overdue.  Several of the boards were rotting.

We had a cedar deck in our previous home, but it held up so much better than this.

From a distance, the deck looked ok.  But, as I mentioned the space was mostly unusable for the majority of the summer due to straight sun from the west.

I should also mention, we live in what appears to be a wind tunnel.  Our heavy duty deck umbrella was constantly being blown around so it wasn’t very helpful for providing shade.

Backyard view of tan two-story home with wooden deck.

Patio Before Makeover

Below are before shots of our patio.  A few years ago, my husband Jason put in concrete pavers to add to our patio space. He did a great job!

Small patio slab extended by adding stepping pavers.

Our home sits on a fairly steep grade, which allows for a full walk out basement. Since it is about 9 feet from ground level to the deck flooring, I always tried (and failed!) to grow grass under the deck for added outdoor living area.

Patio slab off of basement in two story home with deck.

But, as you can see, grass did not grow well there. Our dog loved to sit in the mud to cool off on a hot day. Not fun for us when it was time for him to come back into our home…covered in mud!

Mud underneath two story deck of home.

So what did we end up doing to renovate our backyard? We decided to keep the deck frame, add composite decking and a roof to the upper area. Below the deck, we had the grass ripped up and concrete was used to extend the patio to wrap around the space.

The “during” of the deck makeover:

We did not attempt to take on this project ourselves.  Part of doing DIYs involves knowing your limits.  This project was certainly beyond our capabilities.

Removing sod around patio and underneath a two story deck.

The concrete patio extension added a TON of usable outdoor living space underneath our deck. If you have a similar situation (and your budget allows for it), I DEFINITELY recommend concrete beneath the deck for an extra covered seating area.

Adding concrete to existing patio for larger patio area under deck.

I got dining furniture for our newly covered deck.  Costco had a beautiful teak set that fit the space nicely.  It came mostly assembled, but Jason put on the legs and made sure it was stable for us.

The idea of outdoor dining just makes me happy. In a recent post, I share our tips on hanging string lights for your outdoor space.  You’ll definitely want to check that out.  Lights add great ambiance, making your outdoor area cozy and welcoming.

Assembling outdoor teak dining table on deck.

I got a little lazy this winter and left our outdoor fire pit uncovered.  It was looking pretty bad, so it needed a major refresh. It turns out, it was nothing a little paint couldn’t fix.

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Dirty brown fire pit with red/orange cushions in lounge chairs on patio.

The outdoor furniture and cushions all got washed with soap and water.  I’m sure my neighbors love me!

Washing blue and red outdoor cushions in backyard beside deck.

After washing the fire pit tiles, they were still looking pretty rough, so I used spray paint to spruce them up a bit.  If you are looking for spray paint for your fire pit, you might consider this high heat spray paint as you’ll want something that can endure high temperatures.

You might also be able to see the white areas on one of the tiles below.  A couple of year ago, one of the tiles broke and we used Flex Seal to hold it together.  It worked like a charm in terms of durability.  But, I didn’t wipe the excess sealant off so it didn’t look very pretty.

Spray paint took care of covering that, too!

Deck and Outdoor Space Makeover AFTER:

The new teak dining table works great.  The deck is just off of our kitchen so it’s really convenient to enjoy our meals outside.  There’s nothing like alfresco dining on a beautiful night!

Teak dining table with wicker and teak chairs on deck.

A few plants were added to brighten things up. Faux plants and candles are low maintenance decor I chose for the table. I did add a fern and geranium for a little extra pop of color.

If you have a space that gets a ton of sun, you might consider geraniums.  They have worked really well for me in areas that get 6+ hours of sunlight daily.

Red geraniums in white planter on wicker outdoor table on deck.

Below the deck might be one of my favorite places.  The freshly painted fire pit is so cozy. If you don’t have a fire pit, consider it!  I give several fire pit suggestions in this post.  A fire just adds a special touch to an outdoor space.

I changed out the old lava rock for fire glass.  You guys, this stuff is beautiful. Keep reading and you’ll get to a picture with a flame burning.  Love it!

Brown outdoor fire pit with brown and cream fire glass surrounded by deck chairs.

Remember the under deck space where my dog loved to lay in the mud?  This is it!  My plan is to add a few low maintenance plants to my barrel planters and it will be complete.

Fire pit with four patio chairs with orange red cushions.

Another thing we added was a hammock hanging chair.  We saw some similar at a local fair last summer and I fell in love.  Jason got me one for my birthday, but we decided to wait until the deck was finished to hang it.

This chair is so fun.  It has quickly become a popular place to hang out and relax at our home!

Green hammock hanging chair attached to underside of two story deck.

Below, you can see the roof of the deck and the extended concrete patio.  To me, it almost looks like a different house!

View of covered deck and extended patio from corner of yard.

A night time view of the deck and outdoor space:

Our home is hard to miss at night.  I love the string lights and turn them on almost daily. Here are lights similar to ours. We picked up a wireless indoor / outdoor remote control switch so it’s incredibly convenient to flip them on.

Two story deck with string lights on deck and fire pit on patio during the night.

Fire glass flames:

Burning fire glass at night.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you found some ideas from our deck and outdoor space makeover that you can use at your home!

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How do you do a backyard makeover on a budget?

A frugal backyard makeover can be accomplished by using plants and landscaping. Repainting outdated or faded patio furniture is also a great way to cut costs as new furniture can get quite pricey.

How can I make my deck nicer?

Our solution was to replace rotted deck with composite decking. While this was not an inexpensive upgrade, it certainly made the space nicer.

How do I add privacy to my deck?

Adding shielding plants (i.e., potted arborvitae, etc) or using lattice walls is a great way to give you a layer of privacy on your deck. Planting large trees in your yard in strategic locations is another way to give a privacy shield as well as reduce noise between you and your neighbor’s home.

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