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Repurposing a Vintage Window

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I’m a sucker for old furniture, but there is something extra special about old windows. My brother gave me this vintage window and I was so happy to repurpose it.

Repurposing old window frames can be done by displaying kids art work, adding a farmhouse wreath, mod podging vintage music sheets, adhering old crocheted doilies, and more.

old window repurposed to display kids art

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My project required some major cleaning and much of the paint was peeled. But, that is part of the charm! To brighten it up a bit, I dry-brushed some white paint on the frame and that gave it just enough pop.

Painting frames can give a mirror or old window a fun, new look without much of a time investment! It can be really exciting to find ways to reuse something that might otherwise been thrown away.

I used jute twine with upholstery tacks and mini wood clothespins to allow me to hang photos or art work.

Ways to Repurpose Old Windows

If you need a little inspiration on how to restore old windows for decorations, I have some ideas that might help!

  1. Use as shown above to hang children’s art work.
  2. Hang directly over photos on the wall.
  3. Add a farmhouse wreath and hang on the wall as an oversized wall decor item.
  4. Add vinyl from a cutting machine (Silhouette or Cricut) with your favorite saying or quote.
  5. Turn the old window into a coffee table.
  6. Add chicken wire for extra farmhouse vibe.
  7. Mod Podge vintage music sheets onto window panes.
  8. Adhere old crocheted doilies.
  9. Create a gallery wall with several old window frames.
  10. Turn the old window into a bathroom shelf and add hooks for towels.
  11. Make into a command center.
  12. Hang old windows above a bed for a faux, rustic headboard.
  13. Use outdoors and create a wall garden.
  14. Turn into a serving tray.
  15. Use multiple old windows and create a mini greenhouse in your backyard.
  16. Add hooks and display jewelry.
  17. Attach twine and mini clothespins for photo collage.
  18. Use to create a bathroom medicine cabinet.
  19. Add burlap on the backside.
  20. Paint glass with chalkboard paint.
  21. Add to your outdoor room decor for a rustic look.
  22. Add hooks for an entry coat rack.
  23. Hang Christmas stockings or other seasonal decor.
  24. Turn into a magnet board.
  25. Display on the mantel with other old-time decor.
  26. Turn into a vintage sign.
  27. Create an address street sign.
  28. Make a DIY faux stained glass.
  29. Lean against the wall as a decor element.
  30. Make a DIY Joy Christmas sign.

Other Ideas for Decorating with

Old Windows

Repurposing an Old Vintage Window

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  1. This is the cutest idea!! I have a window pane just sitting around but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with it but after seeing this I think it would be perfect for displaying my son’s art work. Love the idea and it turned out super cute!!

  2. Uhhhh, I like this so much, but I’m so lazy when it comes to DIY. Maybe over the summer I’ll get my rear in gear.

  3. What a great way to show off kids’ art! Where do you find the windows to use?

    1. Thank you! My brother bought some property that had an old home on it. He tore down the house but kept a few things before he did. I don’t live very close, so I didn’t get the opportunity to look through it before the demolition. It’s probably a good thing. I would have wanted to reuse everything and I don’t have the space to store it all;-)

  4. Such a cute idea!!! I have sooooo many old windows around my house but none with interchangeable pictures! I am also collecting them to make a greenhouse out of them someday… Someday! I will have to do this in my homeschool room!

    1. Great idea, Jillian! It would be a perfect addition to a homeschool room! I also would love to see a greenhouse made from old windows. If you do that, send me a picture!

  5. I have so many old windows and I’ve yet to do this! What a great way to display the kids projects!

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