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Time Zone Clocks // Personalized Wall Decor Ideas

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Time Zone Clocks to include your own city. This is a wall decor idea I’ve wanted to use for years. After finishing our basement, I found just the place! See how you can make your own, too!

Time zone clocks wall with London, Kansas City, and New York.

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Time Zone Clocks displayed in Tobacco Baskets

I’ve always loved the time zone clocks displayed in magazines. But, I struggled to find the exact look I was going for. So as per usual, I decided to make my own.

This is such a fun way to personalize some of your home decor!

Supplies for time zone clock wall decor project:

  • Clocks (I linked to silent, non-ticking clocks!)
  • Tobacco baskets
  • Jute twine / string
  • Small boards for city sign
  • Silhouette Cameo 3 to make the vinyl lettering for city names (alternatively you could paint the city names with chalk paint)
  • Hammer and nails
  • Artificial flowers/plants  (optional)
  • Drill

Steps to make time zone clocks:

There are a number of ways you could add clocks with time zones into your decor. I’m a big fan of tobacco baskets and already had a few on hand, so this won out for me!

Let this inspire you to be creative and tweak this with some decor items you might already have.

1. Determine the location for your wall clocks and gather your supplies

Time zone clocks work great in a home office or command center.

As I mentioned, I knew exactly where I wanted to put my time zone clocks in my home. There was bare wall space above our computer desk cabinetry in our basement that needed a little something.


Time zone clocks for wall hangings.
Supplies for time zone wall clocks.

Did you notice the painted tile floor above? I used stencils to give the floors a completely different look. For details go to How to Paint Tile Floors Using Stencils.

2. Stain boards used for city signs (0ptional)

When I was completing my reverse canvas project, I stained several other items at the same time. Batching projects together is a great way to save time!

Clean it all up at once.

Staining wood for DIY wall decor.

The boards were cut at Lowe’s to the exact size I needed.  Did you know they would do that for you at no additional charge when you purchase any lumber?

I’ve had boards cut at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Menards. If you don’t have power tools at home, this is a great way to get the exact cuts of wood you need without spending a lot of money.

Floral stems and wood pieces.

3. Make the city signs

My Silhouette Cameo was used to make the London, Kansas City, and New York signs. BUT, you could easily paint city names on the boards using chalk paint!

Using the Silhouette Cameo 3 to make city names for clock time zones.

It’s important to measure the board before applying your lettering. Make sure it is centered!

London time zone for DIY clock wall art project.

4. Drill holes in the location signs

Measure the distance from the top of the board and sides where you want the hole (where you’ll be attaching the sign with twine).

Simply drill a small hole.

Kansas City, London, New York for 3 different time zone wall clocks.

5. Attach the sign using jute twine

Jute twine has a fun, farmhouse look to it. But, you could use whatever string works for you to attach your sign to the tobacco basket.

Be sure to center the board when tying it onto the basket.

Kansas City wooden sign in tobacco basket hanging with jute twine.

6. Hang the sign (this is also where the clock will hang!)

In the above picture, you likely saw the nail in the center of the basket. Before nailing it, I found drilling a hole in the basket kept the threading of the basket from cracking.

Tobacco baskets are a little bit fragile.

So, determine exactly where you want the clocks to hang. Then drill a hole in the location.

Hammer the basket directly into the wall.

This sign will be light-weight, so a dry wall anchor isn’t likely necessary.

Drilling hole in tobacco basket to hang wall clock.

7. Hang the clock on the nail

Clocks in tobacco baskets for wall decor ideas.
Time zone clocks wall displaying times for London, Kansas City and New York for above cabinet wall decor.
Clocks in different time zones on wall above desk cabinets.

Optional: Add artificial succulents or other greenery to basket

If you want to add a bit of color, add some artificial succulents or other faux greenery. I used hot glue on some and others I just stuck in the basket and they stayed just fine!

Three time zone wall clock decor.

Time Zone Clocks! So fun!

Just a small warning…three clocks together can have a loud tick! 

If you will be hanging your time zone clocks in an area you want quiet, I’d suggest getting silent, non-ticking clocks😉

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