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String Art Heart Card: DIY Card for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day cards don’t have to cost a fortune! Easy DIY Valentine cards to the rescue. These cute handmade cards are a fun project to share with those you love this Valentine’s Day.

This DIY Valentine’s Day card is a craft idea that can be finished from start to finish in about 10-15 minutes and are for any skill level. String heart yarn cards are a good project for older kids or adults.

Collage of child making embroidery thread string art heart card for homemade Valentine's day gift.

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You can use different shapes or different designs for your homemade card! It doesn’t have to be in the form of heart. Get creative!


Blank cards or card stock (construction paper may not be durable enough)


Heart template (cookie cutter works great) or stencil in a heart shape

Embroidery Thread or a piece of yarn


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String Art Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

Easy Valentine’s Day crafts are my favorite. This simple card is great way to give your special Valentine something extra personal in lieu of traditional greeting cards.

When I made my yarn heart banner, I used a print out of free clip art in the shape of a heart.

This worked great to create a cardboard heart to make a basic stencil. For this DIY card, I used a foam heart I found in our craft supplies but a piece of cardboard is easy to find in most homes.

TIP: White cardstock or a piece of card stock in your favorite Valentine color would work well for a card if you do not have blank cards to use!

Trace Heart onto Front of the Card

Use a pencil to trace small hearts on the front of each card around the heart string art template. Lightly trace so you will not have difficulty erasing pencil lines later.

Child using heart shape form to make homemade card for Valentines day.

Make Holes Around Edges of Heart

Use a needle or any other sharp object to punch holes around the heart. If children are helping with the needles, ensure they have appropriate fine motor skills so they don’t hurt themselves with the needle.

Erase any noticeable pencil marks before starting with the string art portion of the project.

Heart string art template in heart shape for diy card.

Create the String Art Valentine’s Day Card

Tie the end of the yarn (or embroidery thread) on the inside of the card, on the back side of the first hole.

Then begin threading your card, threading in various directions. Use a different color for each paper heart if you desire.

This easy craft can be completed in different ways, customized any way you’d like! If you have extra thread, switch colors and use a new string on one half of the heart. Just be sure to keep the backside of the paper tidy.

Red embroidery floss used to make heart string art Valentine's card.

Keep in mind the wrapped yarn can get a bit thick, so if you intend to mail the card make certain the yarn heart card isn’t super bulky or your envelope will no longer fit!

While I love yarn projects, we ended up using embroidery floss as it’s not quite as heavy as yarn.

Check out my yarn heart garland! I used neutral pieces of yarn so it would last as home decor past Valentines day!

When you are pleased with your heart, tie the yarn on the backside, trim up any loose ends or excess thread and you have a finished card. Super simple Valentine’s cards.

You could also make it in a variety of other shapes and/or colors! String art / string art crafts never get old. Neither does a handmade gift! These sweet cards also make beautiful keepsakes.

Another fun Valentine’s craft for kids is this cute Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Bag. Super easy and cute!

Happy card making!


Yield: 1 String Art Heart Homemade Card

String Art Heart Card: DIY Card for Valentine's Day

Collage of red string art heart card project.

String art heart Valentine's Day cards are simple homemade greeting cards for your special Valentine. It's an easy craft that can be completed with supplies you likely already have!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost under $5


  • Embroidery Thread or yarn
  • Large needle
  • Blank cards or cardstock


  • Scissors


  1. Trace heart shape on front of card. Child holding brown card tracing pink heart.
  2. Make small holes through the front side of the card. Holes punched in the shape of a heart for a Valentine's card.
  3. Complete string art heart. Tie a knot in the string on the backside of the first hole. Go various directions with embroidery floss. Tie off string after last hole.Red thread used for string art heart on natural colored card.


Use different colors of embroidery thread or cards for a different look!

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