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How to Make a Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament (Personalized)

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Making a diy Christmas ornament is a great way to personalize your tree and Christmas decor. This simple craft is perfect for kids and would also make an inexpensive teacher’s gift this holiday season.

Making a personalized Scrabble tile Christmas ornament can be accomplished in a few steps. After selecting your word or name, hot glue the word to a craft stick and add embroidery thread to hang. If you’d like, add a simple tassel or ribbon for a little extra embellishment.

Home Scrabble tile ornament surrounded by red and silver balls.

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Materials for Ornament

Scrabbles tiles for christmas ornament: home.

1. Determine word choice

When using popsicle sticks for your project, I will say you are somewhat limited in your word choice as they are only long enough for 4 to 5 letters.

IF you have a longer word or name you would like to use, keep in mind you could use a thick Christmas ribbon to glue the letter onto.

This would allow you to make the words as long as you would like. There are SO many pretty ribbon options, so this certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world. Below is a nice video that shows how to use ribbons for this craft if popsicle sticks won’t work for your word choice.

2. Drill Holes in Popsicle Stick

Using popsicle/craft sticks works well if your word fits as they are a nice, firm backing for the tiles.

Using a drill, create a hole in the top of the craft stick to allow you to thread the embroidery string through it to hang on your Christmas tree.

I small drill bit is all you need! Keep in mind, if you try to make your hole too large you run the risk of shattering your stick.

If you do not want to get out your drill OR if you want to allow for more space for an extra tile, you could also glue string to the backside of the craft stick for a hanger!

hole drilled in craft stick for Christmas ornament.

3. Hot Glue Tiles to Stick

This part is fast and easy!

Put a small dollop of hot glue onto the craft stick, then hold the tile in place for a few seconds to ensure it is secure.

Do this with each tile until you have completed the entire word or name.

hot glue scrabble tiles to craft stick: home.

4. Tie String to Top of Stick for Hanging

Although I used embroidery floss, you could use so many different items: twine, thread, ribbon, cord, leather strips, even a small piece of wire.

Simply tie a knot and you are set.

5. Add embellishment with Ribbon

To make it a bit fancier, adding a pretty Christmas ribbon is the perfect choice.

Take this opportunity to make this as custom as you would like! I wanted this particular ornament to be simple, but if you prefer, you could add tiny pieces of Christmas greenery or faux holly berries to the top (with hot glue). Or perhaps a thicker ribbon bow!

A red Christmas ribbon tied on top of a scrabble tile ornament.

6. Wrap Embroidery Thread to Start Tassel

The tassel portion of the ornament is optional. Other ideas are to add jingle bells, ribbon, bow, or even nothing at all on the bottom.

When using the craft stick, much of it depends on how long your word is and how much space you are working with.

But to make the tassel, take a hard piece of cardboard and wrap the string around it several times. I wrapped mine ~10 times for reference.

making tassel for Christmas ornament.

7. Remove String from Cardboard and Tie a Knot in the Center

After wrapping the string around the cardboard, slip it off and tie a double knot in the center as shown.

Using the string from the knot, then also tie a knot to secure the soon-to-be tassel to the craft stick.

Making a tassel on a popsicle stick from black string.

7. Cut Embroidery Thread Loops and Trim Edges

Use your scissors to cut the through the end of both loops.

Cutting ends of loops for making tassel for ornament.

You now have a tassel! Spend a moment to shape up your tassel and trim the edges.

trimming edges of black tassel to make even.

8. Add Hot Glue to Secure Tassel

To ensure the tassel is secure, add a small dot of hot glue to the back of the craft stick and hold the top of the tassel firmly for a few seconds.

Uneven black tassel.

The completed scrabble tile Christmas ornament:

Christmas ribbon on home scrabble tile ornament.

Despite all of the time we’ve been spending at home during this crazy pandemic, it is still one of my favorite places to be!

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