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DIY Valentine Sock Gnomes: How to Make This Easy Craft

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This adorable diy valentine gnome can be made in 30 minutes! No sew gnomes make fun gifts for your special Valentine, but they are just as fun to make for yourself and add to your Valentine’s Day decor.

To make a Valentine sock gnome you will need rice, sock, rubber band, hot glue, and accessories for embellishment. Easy diy gnomes can be personalized with your own craft supplies or a trip to the Dollar Store. Valentine’s gnomes are quick and fun, making them a great craft for all ages for Valentine’s day.

Pink sock gnome for Valentine's day sitting on wooden stand surrounded by yarn pom poms.

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I’ve made gnomes for lots of different holidays and they are truly a fun craft that will just make you smile. For this adorable Valentine’s day gnome I made yarn hair and made her into a girl gnome. The gnome’s hair could be braided, put in pigtails, or left straight like this little gnome.

The fun part is you can make your gnome unique depending on the supplies you might have. Speaking of supply list, let’s get onto the full tutorial.



Sock (one to hold rice for gnome body and prettier sock in Valentine theme)

Rubber bands

Hot glue gun

Wood bead or wooden balls (for nose)


DIY sock gnomes are an inexpensive diy that are SO easy to make. These little guys are a cute Valentine craft that may not even require a trip to the craft store! Scandinavian gnomes can be customized to fit your preferences or supplies. Use a different color for the body of the gnome and you’ll get a fun and different look.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gnomes

Holiday gnomes can be addictive. A few years ago, I made my first gnomes for Christmas.

I made one large gnome and several little gnomes made with socks like the one you will see today. The cute gnomes added a fun element to our Christmas decorations and I’m hoping this simple project will add a little bit of fun to your Valentine’s Day decor.

The step by step tutorial:

Make Gnome’s Body with Sock and Rice

The first step is to make the gnome’s body. Grab an old sock and fill it with rice. It works best to put rice in a bowl, using a cup to pour the rice into the sock.

Collage of putting rice in socks to create sock gnomes.

Cover Body with Fancier Sock

The next step could be optional. I like having the rice in a thick old (clean!) sock and covering that sock with a prettier sock for extra durability. But, if you prefer to just use one sock I’m certain that would work fine. Valentine’s gnomes aren’t complicated so do what works best for you.

Should you opt to use two sock as I did, put the rice-filled sock into the prettier, fancy sock. Then secure the top of the pretty sock with a rubber band.

Cut off excess portion of sock. Save the part of the sock you cut off as you might use it for the gnome hat as I did.

Pink sock with pot dots filled with rice for sock gnome.

Create Gnome’s Hair

The gnome’s hair was fast and easy to make. This was a fun alternative to beard, making this gnome into a girl by adding yarn hair.

Note: If you opt to make a faux fur beard for your gnome, I have a detailed explanation in my post for Christmas gnomes that can guide you.

In short, if you make a beard, use white craft fur (or any piece of fur in your color of choice) and cut it in triangular shape. The top edge of the beard is attached to the gnome body with hot glue.

The hair for your girl gnome can be made with yarn, mop strings, jute twine etc.

You will need to measure the length you want the hair. Grab a cardboard form in the length of hair needed and wrap yarn around it several times so you will have fairly thick hair.

Grab a string of yarn and tie it securely in a knot in the center. Then trim the string at either end of the cardboard cut outs. Where you tied the string will be the top of the gnome’s head. Trim any uneven yarn pieces so her hair is straight and pretty.

Collage of making gnome hair (doll hair) using cardboard form.

Glue the doll hair onto the top of the gnome with hot glue. Hold it in place for 30 seconds to ensure it is secure.

Collage of using hot glue to secure gnome hair on rice body.

Attach Gnome Hat and Pom Pom

You have several options for the gnome hat. I opted to use the top of the sock which was cut off earlier. But, you could also use felt, portion of an inexpensive fleece blanket, or other thick material for the gnome’s hat.

Make a pom pom using a pom pom maker. (If you need instructions on using a pom pom maker, read How to Make Pom Pom Valentine Garland for tips). You will attach the pom-pom to top of hat once it is secured on gnome body.

To make hat: Place elastic side of sock (the excess you cut off of fancy sock when making gnome body earlier) around yarn hair/gnome body. Use hot glue to close the top portion of the sock.

Tie the pom pom to the top of the hat and secure it in place with hot glue.

Optional: For a fuller hat, stuff with pillow stuffing. I did not do this as I think it’s fun for the gnome’s hat to hang down with the pull of the pom-pom.

Collage of making white pom pom to attach to Valentine sock gnome hat.

Add Wooden Ball for Nose

Use a dab of hot glue to secure wooden bead for the gnome’s nose. Hold it in place for 20-30 second or until secure.

Using hot glue to attach wood bead to valentine gnome body.

Pretty Valentine’s gnomes are a great addition to your home decor, plus they are so much fun!

Front and back of pink Valentine sock gnome with yarn hair.
Pink sock gnome with tan yarn hair and white pom pom on end of hat.

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How do you make a gnome out of a sock?

To make a gnome out of a sock, fill sock with rice then decorate with yarn hair or faux fur beard, wooden bead for a nose, and any other accessories you would like to add.

How do you make a Valentine gnome out of a sock?

To make a Valentine sock gnome, you follow the same instructions as a regular sock gnome. Fill a sock with rice but choose Valentine themed colors and accessories to decorate the gnome.

Yield: 1 Valentine Gnome

DIY Valentine Sock Gnomes: How to Make This Easy Craft

Pink sock gnome for Valentine's day sitting on wooden stand surrounded by yarn pom poms.

Create a cute Valentine sock gnome gnome and add some pretty Valentine decor to your home. Sock gnomes make great diy gifts OR keep it for yourself!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Estimated Cost $10


  • Rice
  • Socks (one for rice body, then fancier sock to cover)
  • Wooden bead for nose
  • Yarn for gnome hair


  • Hot glue gun


  1. Make gnome body by filling sock with rice.Image collage of using blue cup to put rice in sock for sock gnome.
  2. Cover sock body with fancy / pretty sock in color of choice. Collage of making sock gnome body for Valentine's day with pink sock.
  3. Make gnome hair with yarn. Making yarn hair to add to gnome for girl gnome.
  4. Hot glue yarn hair to top of sock body. Hot glue on top of rice filled sock to secure yarn hair on pink sock.
  5. Make pom pom and attach gnome hat to body. Putting pink hat onto Valentine sock gnome body.
  6. Add wooden ball as nose, attaching with hot glue. Hot glue used to secure gnome nose on pink sock.
  7. Display Valentine sock gnome for DIY home decor. Pink girl gnome with large pom pom hat sitting on wooden stand .


If you prefer a male Valentine gnome, create a beard by using faux fur, cutting in a triangular shape and attaching to gnome body.

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