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Fun Office Supplies You Need for Your Desk and Home Office

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Your office space needs to be functional, of course. But, it’s nice to have functional AND fun. I’ve included some of my favorite office supplies that fit the pretty and practical categories perfectly.

Office supplies on table (label maker, charging cord, washi tape, ink pen).

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I have always loved office supplies! One of my favorite times of year is back-to-school because I love seeing all of the new pens, notebooks, daily planners, desk organizers, folders, calendars, etc. displayed in all of their glory.

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Now that I am long past my own personal back-to-school shopping days (I still get to live vicariously through my children), I buy the essentials as I run out.

There are a few old stand-by office supply products I think you just might love that I am super happy to share with you today!

Even if home office supplies are not on your “fun list”, read on. I suspect there will be items on my list of favorites that you will add to yours!

Where can I buy cute office supplies?

There are many options to purchase office supplies, online and in person. These are a few of my favorites:


Target has lots of fun office supplies as well as cute office decor for good prices.

• WalMart

WalMart is often overlooked, but you can find great deals there! This is especially true if you are looking at functional office supplies. This is where you will likely find the best prices on things like pens, notepads, folders, etc.

• Amazon

Amazon has just about anything you can dream of wanting for your desk space. They are fairly competitive with their prices and it’s hard to beat the convenience of having items delivered to your doorstep.


Ikea is such as fun place to look around and they have some really interesting office items. If you do not have an Ikea local to you, take a peek online!

What are Some Must Have Office Supplies?

Writing Supplies

Having the right pens and pencils can make a huge difference with note taking as well as neatness with your penmanship.

I have tried many pens and markers over the years and these are my personal favorites.

Pilot Precise V5 RT

Love, love, love the Pilot Precise V5 RT.

It is retractable, which means you never lose the lid.

But perhaps my favorite thing about it is the smooth flow of the fine point tip. Hands down my favorite pen.

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

The Staedtler pens are more like very fine tip markers in my opinion.

They are great for writing in a daily planner, bullet journal, or to just take colorful notes!

Sharpie Fine Point Pens

The fine point Sharpie pens are my second favorite basic black ink pen.

They do not bleed and are a great go-to pen for every day writing.

These are some fun colored Sharpie pens that are great to have!

Post-It Notes

The larger 4 x 6 inch Post-It notes are fantastic to use within your daily planner.

I like to use these for days that I have more than a simple daily planner has room for.

I like to use these flag post-it notes to mark a particular page within my daily planner that I know I will need to reference frequently (i.e., a specific month, the current week, notes at the back of my planner that I refer to often, etc).

These flag post-its are also great for dividers in a binder.

Paper Products and Notebooks for a Home Office

Mead Five-Star Notebook

The Mead Five-Star 6 x 9.5 inch notebooks are the perfect size for daily notes.

I love to create an index at the beginning of a basic notebook, then number the pages. This allows easy and fast access to notes!

This system also ensures I actually use an entire notebook!

Example of using a simple index in a basic notebook:

Notebook with index at front.

Passion Planner

An office supply suggestions post has to contain a daily planner. My latest favorite is Passion Planner. Mine is in bright red as shown here.

For other planner suggests, see a previous post I wrote that gives my top daily planner recommendations.

Adhesive Sticker Sheets

You are possibly wondering why I have a thing for full page address and shipping labels. I use these all of the time, but not how you might think!

I print out my favorite printables, directly on these labels and place them as “stickers” within my daily planner.

Using the adhesive labels is great way to customize a daily planner to include everything you need!

With all of the fun printables that are found all over the internet these days, you are bound to find several that would be helpful to print and stick within your planner.

Office Organizers

We could all use a little organization in our lives and our home office is no exception. Keeping things neat and orderly can help us be more productive! Sounds nice, doesn’t it;-)

Drawer Organizer

My favorite type of desk drawer organizer is actually a kitchen utensil organizer.

The spacers are nice to fit pens, pencils, staplers, post-its, etc.!

Cable Organizer

Keeping the cable and power cords organized is not an easy feat.

These cord organizers do not completely solve the issue of having too many cords, but they help keep the desk a bit more tidy!

Letter / File Organizer

Find a letter and file organizer that fits your home office decor and keep only the essentials out each day.

I like to keep only the files I will be addressing that day or the next and file the rest away.

Other Office Supplies

Label Maker

Every office needs a label maker!

Of course, that is my humble opinion. But, I must say that keeping your space organized and labeled just feels better.

Label makes are great for labeling files, drawers, charging cords, you name it!

Washi Tape

So, perhaps washi tape is not a crucial office supplies element. But, I have found I use it fairly frequently.

I use washi tape the most within my daily planner to make the pages look a bit nicer.

The other most frequent use is on charging cords and cables. I add a bit of washi tape, then put a label from my label maker to identify it.

Washi tape label on charging cord.


Laminators come in surprisingly handy!

I’ve used our laminator to laminate the kids’ class schedule for their binder, to make handmade bookmarks more durable, chore charts, makeshift dry erase boards, etc.

Correction Tape

Updates and corrections are inevitable. Correction tape makes things look a bit neater without a doubt.

I’ve become a tiny bit obsessed with my correction tape! I keep some in my desk, my purse, and my car;-)

I find I use this most to make corrections within my daily planner. The white out doesn’t look perfect, but it is better than a lot of marked out scratches.

If you’ve been wondering what office supplies you need, I hope this post helped you think outside of the box just a bit.

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