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Washi Tape Uses for the Home

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I’m a sucker for a pretty craft project. I’m an even bigger sucker for finding ways to make practical things in my home prettier. Enter washi tape! If you have seen washi tape, but aren’t really sure of washi tape uses that would make you want to grab some for yourself, read on!

Washi tape can be used around the home to decorate pencils, notebooks, journal pages, light switch plate covers, homemade bookmarks, and more. As a general rule, washi tape can be used on nearly anything to add color and individual personality.

Multiple washi tape rolls in various colors on wooden table.

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What is Washi Tape Used For?

Washi tape sticks to most surfaces including metal, wood, glass, plastic, cards, walls, scrapbooking materials, paper…you name it! Think of it as pretty, sticker tape.

This leads me to the next question you might have.

Is Washi Tape Removable?

Washi tape is removable. It easily peels off of surfaces without causing any damage. I’ve even removed it from paper planner pages and painted walls without a problem!

Are you ready to see some pretty washi tape in action?!

Ways to Use Washi Tape

1 – Light switch plate covered with washi tape

My daughter created this light switch plate covered in washi tape without prompting from me when we did a makeover on her bedroom a while back!

She picked out washi tape colors that matched the design of her room and did this little project all by herself.

Litch switch covered in blue, black, and gray washi tape in tween girl's bedroom.

2 – Charging Cord Label with washi tape

With all of my family members having a number of electronic devices, it’s easy to lose track of which cord belongs to what or to whom! Personalized electronic cord labels saves lots of fights in our home.

Wrap the washi tape around the cord and cut the ends in the shape of a little flag. Then, add a basic label with my label maker!

Yellow washi tape on charging cord with label.

3 – Add a little “extra” to basic pencils with washi tape

Pencils can be wrapped with a little washi tape to match a notebook or just to add a little fun to office / school supplies!

Ticonderoga pencil covered in pink washi tape.

4 – Washi Tape Bookmarks

My daughter also made several of these washi tape bookmarks! She definitely has my love for a good DIY craft;-)

These bookmarks are great for gifts, too!

Homemade bookmark using decorative washi tape.

5 – Create mini-banners with washi tape

Another creation of my daughter’s! She made these fun jute twine mini banners with washi tape flags to hang on her mirror.

So cute!

Washi tape on jute twine to decorate teen's mirror.

6 – Paperclip Flag with Washi Tape

These fun washi tape paper clip flags are great for marking your place in your daily planner, book, magazine, whatever!

Washi tape flag on paperclips.

7 – How to Use Washi Tape in a Planner

Washi tape is a fun way to make basic planners a bit more fun. I love to personalize the back pages of my planner!

8 – Washi Tape on Tealight candles

Using decorative washi tape on tealight candles is an inexpensive way to decorate for the holidays!Of course any pattern / color of tape could be used any time.

Tealight candle decorated with washi tape.

9 – Washi Tape to label shelving

When I organized our linen closet, I used washi tape on the shelving so I didn’t have to worry about chipping the paint.

With the help of a label maker, this is a great way to label any shelves to keep things neat and tidy so everything has a home. (in theory;-)

Washi tape and label maker used to make a sign for twin sheets to put on shelf.

10 – Create Pretty Book or Binder Cover with Washi Tape

Cover a basic notebook or binder with washi tape in your favorite colors to spice things up!

Notebook covered in washi tape.

11 – Washi Tape on Fingernails

12 – Washi tape on wooden baskets

13 – On bows for wrapping presents

14 – To seal envelopes

15 – Add Color to homemade cards with washi tape

16 – Washi tape on gift tags

17 – Cover plastic pumpkins with washi tape for fall decor

18 – Create washi tape frames

19 – Make unique wall decor with washi tape

20 – Make washi tape cereal box organizers

21 – Cover plastic hangers with washi tape

22 – Decorate clothespins with washi tape

23 – Washi tape to create decorate table place cards

24 – Create invitations

25 – Washi tape on the handle of kitchen spatulas

26 – Decorate a clipboard

27 – Add washi tape to container lids

28 – Add washi tape to the tops of keys for easier identification

29 – To decorate a serving tray

30 – To decorate binder clips

31 – Add washi tape to monogram letters

32 – Decorate a phone case with washi tape

33 – To decorate old soap pump dispenser

34 – On push pins

35 – To cover cardboard boxes

36 – Washi tape to decorate tile coasters

37 – Cover tin cans with washi tape

38 – On a ceiling fan

39 – Washi tape on outlet plate covers

40 – Wine glass markers

41 – To make food labels/signs

42 – Make a fancy vase

43 – Washi tape magnets

44 – Washi tape Easter eggs

45 – Cover Altoid can with washi tape for small container

46 – Decorate a cheap clock with washi tape

47 – Cover embroidery hoop

48 – Washi tape clothespin wreath

49 – Washi tape bows

50 – Washi tape binder clips

As you can see, the options are limitless when it comes to washi tape projects!

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