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FREE I’m Thankful For Printable and Worksheets for Kids

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These thankful worksheets are a fun way to say Happy Thanksgiving to the whole family and let them know how much they mean to you! Choose between a cute thankful tree, I’m thankful printables, or a thankful turkey to work on attitude of gratitude.

Collage of black and white and colorful I am thankful for printable signs.

Each pdf file is for personal use / non-commercial use only. To access the free printables, please scroll to the bottom of the post and click on the button that says “snag them here“.

For more detailed instructions, read on!

It’s no secret that practicing gratitude can have a major impact on our lives. From improving our mental and physical health to increasing our overall happiness, feeling thankful for what we have is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to expressing gratitude.

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Thankful Tree

This is the time of the year to take a moment and remember all of the amazing things and people in our lives!

But isn’t every time of year the perfect time for showing how thankful we are?!

The Thankful Thanksgiving Tree is a great way to give younger kids something to do while the adults and older kids are preparing Thanksgiving dinner!

Written instructions on how to make a thankful tree Thanksgiving craft.
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But frankly, listing out what we are grateful for is a great idea for not just little kids, but the entire family.

Colorful fall leaves on white paper with spaces to write 'I am thankful for' messages.
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For a little help getting started, I wrote a post a few years ago about a ‘thankful activity‘ to list out things big and small in your life that you are thankful to have around.

Brown thankful tree for craft.
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Taking a moment to express gratitude just feels good. After the last few years we’ve all had, I think we all need something uplifting in our lives!

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Thankful Turkey

A perfect activity any time during the month of November is making a Thankful Turkey.

Thankful turkey cartoon character with space on each back feather to write messages of thanksgiving.
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This cute Thanksgiving craft is colorful all by itself and can be printed on regular paper or white cardstock.

Let kids of all ages work on their heart of gratitude while improving their fine motor skills.

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I’m Thankful For Printables

Using the I am thankful for printables is a simple way to add a little meaning to Thanksgiving activities.

I am thankful for worksheet with cut outs of pilgrims hat, fall leaf, and pumpkin.
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Print the coloring worksheet on card stock for better durability.

Worksheet to write who I'm thankful for with owl in pilgrim's hat on top.
Scroll to bottom to print.

The thankful printables would be an excellent activity to include in any gratitude craft.

Simple I'm thankful for worksheet with lines and fall leaves to list things you are grateful for.
Scroll to bottom to print.

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Ideas on How to Use the Thankful Printables

Still not sure of how you might use the Thankful printables this holiday season?

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Let all family members name one thing they thankful for as you go around the Thanksgiving table.
  • Include one of the printables in a napkin ring for an easy way to give people an activity to do around the dinner table.
  • Use a printable to create Thanksgiving placemat crafts.
  • Have small groups complete a worksheet and display it in a picture frame during the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Let older children only name things that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet.
  • Make thankful cards for loved ones that can’t attend Thanksgiving day.
  • Create some pretty and meaningful gratitude garland.
Page with multiple blank lines to write in messages for "I'm thankful for".
Scroll to bottom of post to print.

Ideas to Express Gratitude

If you’re looking for some inspiration for showing gratitude, try out these three gratitude activities.

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

One of the simplest ways to start practicing gratitude is to keep a daily journal. Every day, take some time to write down a few things you’re grateful for.

It can be anything from the big (a new job, a happy relationship) to the small (a good cup of coffee, a sunny day).

2. Gratitude Jar

A gratitude jar is a great way to remind yourself of all the good things in your life. Every day, take a moment to write down something you’re grateful for on a slip of paper.

Then, add it to the jar.

At the end of the month, or even the year, you’ll have a reminder of all the great things that have happened.

Gratitude jars are easy to make and can be customized to fit your needs. All you need is a jar and some slips of paper.

You can decorate the jar however you like, or keep it simple. Once you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to start filling it up!

Think about all the things you’re grateful for. Maybe you’re grateful for your health, or for a friend who always makes you laugh.

3. Write a Letter of Gratitude

A letter of gratitude is a formal expression of thanks that is typically sent to someone who has done something significant or helpful.

The letter can be sent to anyone, from a close friend to a business associate, and it is often handwritten to add a personal touch.

There are many reasons why you might want to send a letter of gratitude, but some common ones include expressing thanks for a kindness, acknowledging help during a difficult time, or celebrating a success.

Regardless of the reason, taking the time to sit down and write out your thoughts can show just how much you appreciate the other person.

If you’re not sure where to start, try brainstorming a list of things you’re thankful for about the person before diving into writing.

Once you have your list, simply start with a friendly opening and then express your gratitude in as much detail as possible.

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How to Print Free Thanksgiving Printables

To access the free Thanksgiving gratitude printables, click on the “snag them here” button below.’

Collage of thankful for printables with download botton.

A link will download directly to your computer for you to print exactly what you need.

Print just one free printable pdf, a few, or all of them for a fun Thanksgiving activity!

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