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Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas on a Budget- 50+ Ideas

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Hay bales, corn stalks, white pumpkins, oh my! Fall season is here and I’m excited to show you some inexpensive ways to decorate your small front porch this autumn with natural elements to give your guests a warm welcome.

I’ve been pulling out all of my fall decor over the past couple of weeks.  My autumn front porch decor is finally finished!  Of course, no fall decorating is complete without mums, and I have several.  If you are looking for some ideas for decorating your porch, join me today as I share part of our home.

White and yellow mums in wood basket, wood sign by front doors.

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How Do I Decorate My Front Porch for Fall?

Grab a pumpkin spice latte and get some fall porch ideas for your home.

To decorate your porch for fall, begin with color schemes that coordinate with the exterior of your home. Neutrals vs. traditional fall colors. Use what works for you. Then start adding in texture with fall plants, flowers, a chalkboard sign, even blankets! 

Get inspiration from your favorite magazines or Pinterest, then dive in.

Brown and neutrals on exterior of home decorated with fall mums, wooden sign, wooden crate.

Some of my favorite things are fall flowers, cabbage, fall colored grasses for fall decorating of an outdoor space. Fall foliage is beautiful and provides so much curb appeal.

What a great way of saying welcome! Adding a welcome sign helps too:)

This year, I have all of those in my autumn front porch decor.  I had a good coupon from Ace Hardware and I saved it for my fall plants.

It is possible to have a pretty porch without spending a lot of money. Budget-friendly is always welcome.

Saving money always makes me happy!  Check out the old tree stump; my sister gave that to me.  I use it for my outdoor porch table.

Two metal chairs with fall pillows beside mums, cabbage, fall grasses on porch.

Design Elements for Front Porch Decor Ideas

Not sure what will be the perfect addition for your cozy fall porch? Try some of these tried and true fall design elements:

  1. orange pumpkins
  2. fall mums
  3. faux pumpkins
  4. white mums
  5. candle lantern
  6. small pumpkins and gourds
  7. pine cones
  8. string lights
  9. rustic planter
  10. dried wheat
  11. pretty fall wreath
  12. corn cobs
  13. fall welcome sign
  14. fall welcome mat
  15. small pumpkins painted to match decor
  16. rustic planter
  17. pumpkins from the pumpkin patch
  18. fall thrift store finds
  19. fall flea market finds
  20. grapevine wreath
  21. front porch swing
  22. large planters with traditional fall colors
  23. use acrylic paint to add a touch of fall to decor you already have
  24. lanterns with small pumpkins and gourds inside
  25. faux fall leaves
  26. blankets draped over chairs
  27. wood baskets with fall plants and flowers
  28. pumpkin topiaries
  29. harvest sign
  30. fall garland
  31. fall grapevine wreath
  32. wooden crates
  33. fall rugs
  34. Dollar store chalkboards with fall sayings
  35. stairs lined with pumpkins or fall flowers
  36. fall throw pillows
  37. wood stump
  38. cabbage
  39. white pumpkins
  40. corn stalks
  41. hot cocoa sign
  42. fall garland
  43. dried flowers from summer plants
  44. decorated bench
  45. wine cork pumpkins
  46. carved pumpkins
  47. painted pumpkins
  48. farmhouse clay pots with fall foliage
  49. solar twinkle lights in a jar
  50. pretty neutral fall colors

There are many creative ways to get fall decorations on a dime. It might include an easy diy project or trip to the craft store, but it could be well worth it to take your porch decorations to the next level.

You could always go to Home Depot, your grocery store, the Dollar Tree, or Lowe’s to get fall porch decor ideas. But, I love to go to a local nursery if possible to support small businesses in the area.

white and yellow mum closeup in wooden basket.

How to Decorate Outside for Fall on a Budget

Reusing decor items you already own is a great way to save money.

The next photo is a fall sign I made from old wood a couple of years ago.  It was super easy.  The paint was leftover from who knows what project!  

My husband must think I have my own paint store hidden in our basement.  It seems I rarely need to purchase any paint for craft projects because I typically have something in my stash that will do the trick.

I looked up some fonts I loved, enlarged them, and printed out my own stencils for the words and images.  Pick whatever fall saying you love!

What I usually do for this type of project is rub chalk on the back side of my paper (opposite of the words/images), then I tape the sheet of paper on the board.  Finally, I simply use a pencil to trace the word/image.  

This gives me an outline of the chalk transfer to paint around.

Fall wood sign that reads happy autumn.

Other Budget-Friendly Fall Decor

Get creative and use free or really cheap items that are just as pretty for your fall porch. Try some of these inexpensive ideas that will still make your porch really nice this fall.

  • Use items found in nature such as pine cones, fall grasses, pretty leaves, etc.
  • Bring cozy blankets outside to drape over chairs (i.e. plaid, chunky blankets, etc)
  • Twinkle lights in jars
  • Dollar Store garland
  • Handmade garland with natural fall elements you have in your backyard
Cabbage in pot.

Painting my garage doors gave our exterior a much needed improvement this fall. They look SO much better.  These pretty, red mums add just the right pop against the fresh paint!

Red mums for a pop of color by brown garage doors.
Red mums in fall decorating by brown garage doors.

How Can I Make My Porch More Inviting?

Your porch can look more appealing by simply making sure it is neat and clean. Beyond that, it is also nice to update old chairs, flower pots, etc. with a little paint to freshen things up a bit.

As you might expect from me, I rarely get through a project without a little bit of paint involved.  

I had some left over paint (that I also used to repaint the front door hardware a few weeks ago) that I thought would give my outdoor chairs new life.  I was right!  It took me an extra 15 minutes and they look like new!

Chairs Before

Brown metal chairs on porch.

The paint is Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze.  I attached a link for your convenience.  But, honestly you can get this so much cheaper at WalMart or your local hardware store.

Rustoleum metallic bronze spray paint for outdoor chairs to brighten up porch for fall.

So much better!

Outdoor chairs updated with spray paint.

I also gave the plant stand below a fresh coat of paint.  This stand used to be a table with a glass top.  The top broke, but I thought it worked great for adding some height for plants.

White mum in.apple basket.

The freshly painted chairs!

Front porch with pine cones, pillows in metal chairs, fall grass, cabbage and wood stump.

Another look at my Autumn Front Porch Decor!

Fall front porch decor with wood sign with fall saying, grapevine wreath cream pillows.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Enjoy decorating for fall!  If you haven’t gotten started yet, I hope you got some great ideas here today.

How do I make my house cozy for fall?

Your home will already start to feel more cozy once you get the exterior decorated for fall! But, you can make the inside of your home cozy and hygge by adding candles with nice fall scents, soft lighting, pretty fall pillows and blankets.

Add a bit of subtle fall colors and your home will already feel like it has transitioned from summer to fall.

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Do it yourself fall craft ideas?

DIY fall crafts can add a lot to the exterior (and interior) of your home. Here a few easy crafts to complete this fall.

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