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Decorating Your Home For Fall: Is August too early?

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I absolutely love decorating for fall. It’s such a fun time of year to bring lots of comfy, cozy items into your Home Decor. Learn my tips how you can get away with decorating your home for fall a little early!

Fall DIY home decor ideas

Get more ideas for diy projects for fall and home decor tips here.

This year, when I pulled out my tote of fall decorating items, I was greeted by some cute DIY home fall projects I’d completed in previous years and it just put a smile on my face.

Meaningful, personal home decor is my favorite! 

This brings me to a question. When do you start decorating for fall?

General fall decor and halloween home decor items

I tend to break it into two parts.

  1. In late August, I bring out all of the general fall decor.
  2. Then, in mid-September I bust out the Halloween items.
Halloween home decor

It’s a little more work this way, but it allows me to really enjoy the season to its fullest.

Are you ready to take a little tour of our fall home decor items?

My goal is to keep things simple. Once I collect a few items I really enjoy, I rarely need to go out and buy new things.

Tobacco basket with pretty pumpkins.

I don’t know about you, but tobacco basket add such fun, farmhouse charm.

Tobacco basket and colorful pumpkins

I got this cute tobacco basket (and two others!) at hobby lobby a couple of years back.

If you’ve shopped at Hobby Lobby, you know the majority of their merchandise rotates through a 50% off sale- one week on, one week off.

Find a similar tobacco basket on Amazon.

You better believe that I waited until these were on sale to snag a few.

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Painted pumpkins

These painted pumpkins were such a fun and easy project.

Painted pumpkin in farmhouse tray for autumn decor

I used spray paint to cover the entire pumpkins. Then, a paint pouring method with acrylic paint to give fun design to many of the pumpkins. 

Some of the plastic pumpkins just got dipped in paint. What a fun and easy way to spice up the cheap plastic pumpkins you can find at the dollar store.

My daughter had some glitter glue which are used for giving the stems of the plastic pumpkins a little bit of pizzazz.

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DIY wine cork pumpkins

My wine cork pumpkins have been a readers’ favorite for the past two years.

They are a great excuse to have a couple bottles of wine with friends so you can have enough corks to make a pumpkin 😉

DIY Wine cork pumpkin

All that’s needed for this simple project:

  • old wine corks
  • some kids craft paint or acrylic paints that you might already have on hand
  • kids paint brushes or other small paint brushes
  • a hot glue gun
  • some fall floral stems.

Get the full tutorial: How to make wine cork pumpkins tutorial

Fall decorating ideas for the living room.

Decorating a mantel with Fall home Decor

We have a fairly dark mantel. So I always love to add some bright color to lighten up the space.

Mantel with autumn leaves garland and magnolia leaves

Someday I might just convince my husband to give his blessings for me to paint the mantel white. 

Nearly everything else in the house has been painted at one time or another.

I think he’s just holding onto the one last thing that hasn’t been touched by paint. 🙂

Our view of the living space from our kitchen

Fall decor in living room from kitchen view.

Our living room used to be a TV-free room. But, we realized we need to keep it real.

Our family never wanted to hang out in a space without a television. After my husband added the TV several years ago, it gets a lot more attention from our family.

I try really hard to find a good balance of pretty AND practical.

As you can see from a distance, my fall decor is simple and subtle.

This brings me to the last item in my simple fall home tour.

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DIY Fall Sign for the Home

I just love DIY wood signs!

My sister gave me some old barn wood that I painted several years back with some left over paint.

It was before my blogging days, so I don’t have a tutorial to share.

DIY Happy Autumn wood sign for home

I transferred the words and images onto the board with chalk. Then, painted in the outline. Super easy!

Funny story, I was going to have a sign say “Happy Fall Y’all”.

But for whatever reason, that mortified my daughter. So, “Happy Autumn” it is.  

Happy Autumn DIY wood signs

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web to take a peek at our fall home decor.

Leave me a message and let me know when you start decorating your home in the fall!

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when to decorate for fall with collage of fall home decor

It doesn’t take a long time to get your fall decorations ready. A starting point is pulling down your summer decor.

Sometimes keeping it simple with mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, or faux leaves on a coffee table can make your home feel like a cozy home, ready for all of the outdoor fall foliage and natural elements to make you want to grab throw blankets and a good book.

To go along with the traditional fall stuff, the best place to find inexpensive ways to add in a touch of Halloween decorations is the Dollar Store.

Occasionally I’ll run across a good deal at the grocery store, but that is usually after the fall fall season has already ended.

Natural items can be placed on your front porch or dining table reflect the fall season. I really do love traditional fall decor with traditional fall colors. But, you find the look and color scheme that you love for your home.

Thanks for stopping by my corner of the web to take a peek at our fall home decor. I hope you’ve found some simple tips to get you ready for your seasonal decor. It is really is a favorite time of the year.

Fall décor just makes me think of old sweaters, pumpkin decor, colorful leaves, pumpkin pies, football season, apple cider, pumpkin spice, and a beautiful fall wreath on the front door.

Whether you prefer to start placing seasonal items for fall out in late summer, early September, after Labor Day, Labor Day weekend, late September, or last week of September…the best time to decorate for fall is the perfect time for YOU!

Make to to enjoy them while you still see some fall leaves and before you are ready to put up your Christmas tree!

Leave me a message and let me know when you start decorating your home in the fall! Is this your favorite time of year, too?


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  1. Looks lovely and fun! I haven’t been hit with the urge yet to decorate for fall…probably because we don’t start school until September? I DO love a good fall candle though. The first rainy, cooler day we get I will probably burn one and that will get me into the mood to bring out the pumpkins!

    1. I’m a bit premature with fall decor, lol! BUT, back to school time always makes me ready! Football and other fall sports just gets me in autumn mode! Enjoy your candles, Morgan and thanks for popping over to say hi;-)

  2. I usually get out my fall decor the first week in Oct. I still have my wine cork pumpkin and can’t wait to get it back out! It has become one of my favorites because Ava and I did it together!😃

    1. Perhaps I’m rushing the change of seasons a bit;-) . LOVE that you made the wine cork pumpkin…it’s one of my favorites for certain. Have a wonderful weekend, Jenifer!

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