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Chick Coloring Pages: Free Printable for Kids

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Free printable coloring pages of cute baby chicks, Easter chick, Easter bunny with Easter eggs and more! Whether you are looking for Easter coloring pages or are just hoping to print out some adorable little chickens for your kiddos to color, you have lots of options here.

Collage of eight chick coloring pages.

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These chicken coloring pages also are great for a chick craft that requires a stencil of little chicks or even an educational game for older kids. All of the coloring sheets have a white background for easy printing.

To print the baby chick coloring pages, simply click on the “get it here” button to download to your computer. These cute spring coloring pages will make a fun activity for kids of all ages. Grab your own baby chick and start coloring.

Print on a single sheet of paper, construction paper, card stock, colored paper…get creative!

Each pdf file is for personal use / non-commercial use only.

Newborn Chick

There aren’t many things cuter than a newborn chick. These fun printable newborn chicks come in eight different PDFs to choose from.

Newborn chick 1

Baby chicken peeking out of broken egg.

Newborn chick 2

Baby chicken with top hat.

Newborn chick 3

Smiling chick spreading its wings.

Coloring pages for new chick with wings spread, one sitting with legs still in the shell, and a baby chick being held by its momma.

Newborn chick 4

Happy baby chick with wings spread.

Newborn chick 5

Chick with feet poking through egg shell.

Newborn chick 6

Mother hen holding her baby chicken while egg still on portion of chick.

Chick holding shell above his head and baby chick peeking through cracked egg shell.

Newborn chick 7

Chick holding egg shell over head.

Newborn chick 8

Standing chick with egg shell on head and bottom of body.

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Cartoon Style

These fun cartoon style chicks are perfect for coloring. One is a horizontal layout and the other is vertical.

Cartoon style chick 1

Cartoon style chick 2

Chick in hot air balloon with clouds and flowers in sky.

Easter Basket / Easter Coloring Collection

Lots of chicks with an Easter theme to choose from. Use these for coloring, or print as template / stencil for Easter craft projects.

Easter chick 1

Chick hugging an Easter egg.

Easter chick 2

Coloring sheet of chicken holding easter eggs in each hand.

Easter chick 3

Black and white image of chick sitting on large egg surrounded by small Easter eggs.

The coloring sheets are a great way for kids to decorate your home for Easter!

Easter chick 4

Easter coloring sheet with chick, eggs, and wood sign.

Easter chick 5

Coloring page with chick sitting on giant egg surrounded by smaller decorative Easter eggs.

Easter chick 6

Easter bunny talking to a chick sitting on a basket.

Easter chick 7

Easter egg with bunny ears flying with to baby chick with aviator glasses.

Easter chick 8

Coloring page with Easter chick with bunny ears sitting beside large egg with small easter eggs with sun in sky.

Easter chick 9

Large black and white image of chick with rabbit ears sitting in Easter basket.

Easter chick 10

Close up coloring page of chick with bunny ears holding Easter basket.

Young Chicken with Farm Animals

Chickens on a farm. Three farm style coloring pages with chicks to choose from.

Farm chick 1

Cartoon-like farm animals in black and white.

Farm chick 2

Coloring page farm barn and animals.

Farm chick 3

Black and white coloring sheet of hen with several baby chicks.

These adorable chicks are a fun way to add some Easter cuteness to your home or classroom.

I hope you found exactly what you needed with these free printable chick template pages. There are a variety of ways you can use them, plus they are great to add to your craft supplies for later!

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