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Easter Egg Tree: Easy Outdoor Easter Decor

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Plastic Easter eggs aren’t just for Easter baskets or an Easter egg hunt! We have a bit of a fun Easter tradition at our home! For the past few years, my daughter and I have created an Easter egg tree outside our home.

Outdoor tree with plastic Easter eggs tied to branches.

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In years past, we just tied a few plastic eggs to some ornate tree branches I had in a pot on our front porch!

If you do not have a small tree in your outdoor space, this actually works very well to add a splash of spring color to outdoor Easter decorations.

Young girl in pink shirt sitting on front porch by outdoor Easter tree.

My daughter and our “Easter Tree” a few years ago;-) Note the cute carrots on our front door in lieu of Easter wreaths.

But, this year we decided to use an actual tree in our yard for our DIY Easter Egg Tree.

If you want a fast, easy, and inexpensive outdoor Easter decor idea, this is it! This is the same tree we’ve used to hang outdoor string lights to give us a Christmas tree outdoors!

How to Hang Plastic Easter Eggs from Outdoor Tree

Step 1: Pick your tree

When hanging Easter eggs from a tree, try to find a small ornamental tree. The one we selected has multiple branches that my daughter could easily reach, so it was a winner. The bare branches were easy to access with is key.

Step 2: Gather your supplies

I save all of our plastic Easter eggs each year. At this point, I have quite the stash of colorful Easter eggs plus lots of pastel colors that are popular Easter decoration.

You likely have all you need to complete this easy project without going out to buy a thing. This is truly such an easy way to make your own Easter tree.


Various plastic Easter eggs on floor.

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Step 3: Cut twine and place end inside egg

We cut our twine approximately 10 inches long.

We simply tied a small knot at the end of the string and stuck the end of the twine inside the egg. Make sure it snapped securely together.

We still had plenty of twine left to tie around the tree branches.

Collage of attaching plastic eggs to twine.

Step 4: Tie the twine to the tree branch using double knot

It gets pretty windy at our home, so we made sure to tie a double knot in the twine.

Using twine to tie plastic egg to outdoor tree.

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Step 5: Spread the eggs out evenly on the Easter egg tree

We did our best to get the eggs in positions that would look symmetrical.

I used a step stool to get the eggs a little bit higher.

But, I will be honest that I wasn’t loving the idea of getting these eggs out of the tree in a month or so, after all of the spring leaves were in full bloom on the tree.

If I got them too high, I’d have to fight the leaves with a ladder to cut out the twine and eggs.

So, we kept the eggs a bit lower. Our fun little Easter tree still looked super cute, in my opinion!

Many plastic Easter eggs spread out on a small ornamental outdoor tree.

Easter egg tree complete!

This fun DIY was finished in about 15-20 minutes. Even if you don’t already have a stash of plastic Easter eggs, you can snag several for just a few dollars.

Nothing like a fast AND inexpensive DIY with the whole family

On a side note, my husband was teaching our 8th grade son to mow at the same time my daughter and I were making our little egg tree in the front yard.

Kids grow up so fast, you guys!

Watching him learn to mow just reinforced how important it is to enjoy every single phase with the kids. The next stage of life will be here in no time!

Boy mowing yard.

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Yield: 1 Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree: Easy Outdoor Easter Decor

Small outdoor maple tree with plastic Easter eggs tied to branches with twine.

Create a pretty Easter egg tree and decorate the outside of your home for spring!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost under $5


  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Twine


  • Scissors


  1. Select small outdoor tree. Ensure your tree will be easy to reach from ground level. May need ladder for taller trees. Gather several plastic eggs, twine, and scissors. Plastic eggs in pile.
  2. Tie knot on end of twine and secure inside egg. Be sure the egg is fully closed.Attaching plastic eggs to twine.
  3. Tie twine to tree branches. Use double knot to secure twine to tree.process of tying twine on tree branch.


Any thick string could be substituted for twine.

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