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Weekly To Do List Templates-Printable and Easy To Use

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A weekly to do list is an effective time management tool. Track the most important things for the week on these simple templates. Several weekly to-do list template options to choose from.

Simple weekly to do list printable templates.

If you’re anything like me, you love to have a plan and a schedule. You also love crossing things off of your to-do list. What’s even better is when those to-do lists are pretty and organized.

Today I’m sharing some favorite printable to-do lists for all your daily tasks.

All printable templates are in pdf format and are for personal use only. 

For printing instructions, scroll to bottom of page where you can get instant access to the pdf download when you click the “snag them here” button.

Grab more printables from my home printables and calendars categories.

How Do I Make My Own To Do List?

To do lists are a great way to get organized and increase productivity. But how do you make a to do list that actually works for you?

Here are 4 tips to create a simple to-do list: 

1. Keep it simple – don’t try to cram too much on to one list. 

2. Be specific – write down exactly what needs to be done. 

3. Prioritize – order your tasks from most to least important. 

4. Keep due date of important tasks in mind.

Weekly to do list template with Sunday start day and boxes to check off tasks.
Scroll to bottom of page to print weekly task list template.

To-do lists can help you in many ways. You can make a list for the day, the week, or even the month.

This can help you stay on track and not forget anything important.

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What is To Do List Example?

When it comes to keeping track of tasks both big and small, few tools are as effective as good ol’ daily to-do lists.

To-do lists help you prioritize your time, avoid forgetting important tasks, and make it easy to see your progress over time. Plus, there’s just something satisfying about physically crossing off an item on your list.

When it comes to being productive, having a to-do list is key. But what should go on your to-do list?

Here are some examples to help you get started. 

1. Check your email and respond to any urgent messages.

2. Make a list of daily chores that need to be completed.

3. Daily routine tasks that are top priorities.

4. Use as a habit tracker.

5. Add items from bucket lists you want to make happen.

6. General daily schedule to keep you on track.

7. Grocery lists.

8. Goal setting.

9. Day-to-day work priority tasks.

10. Daily assignments / personal assignments.

11. Errands

12. Cleaning tasks

Monday start date weekly to list template printable.
Scroll to bottom of page to print list planner.

Regardless of the work or personal tasks you choose to be daily action items, a list of tasks will help you with maintaining focus.

Depending on your currently situation, you will have different types of tasks that are your current priorities.

You may even wish to have a separate list for weekly tasks at home AND at work. Or perhaps give to family members as a honey-do list for the whole week;-)

Grab my Bi weekly planning template here.

Start Date of Sunday and Monday

If you are used to a daily planner with a Sunday or Monday start date, you will want to stay consistent. The to-to list layouts are in landscape orientation.

Whichever is your prefered day of the week to use as your beginning day, I’ve got a free printable to-do list for you!

Weekly checklist with several boxes for bullet points with Monday start date.
Scroll to bottom to access printable planner.

Get more free checklist printables here.

How to Use the Weekly Checklist

You may wish to use the blank checklist template as an insert in your daily or monthly planner. Or simply as a stand-alone check list.

Whatever your preference, the best way is to actually use it

A paper list is always helpful with getting ideas and everyday tasks off your mind so you have a better understanding of the next days ahead.

The blank to-do list template allows you to: 

  • Put a particular task by a bullet point. 
  • Write in hourly schedule if you desire.
  • Use the longer version if you have a larger number of tasks.
  • Add a specific time for completion.
  • Track work projects.
Printable weekly to do list checklist starting with Sunday.
List checklist templates available to print below.

The good news is you can use the printable checklist template to write in your own to-do list for better task management.

Snag my printable to do list for fall maintenance here.

When to Do Weekly Planning

When it comes to managing your time, there are a lot of different techniques and strategies that you can use.

One technique that can be helpful is weekly planning. 

With weekly planning, you sit down once a week and plan out what you need to do in the coming week. This can help you stay on top of your commitments and make sure that you are using your time in the most effective way possible.

The best time to do weekly planning is at the beginning of the week, when you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done. 

This allows you to effectively allocate your time and resources throughout the week.

Planning at the beginning of the week also helps to avoid last-minute scrambles to get things done.

My favorite planning times are Sunday night or first thing on Monday morning. Then I can determine my focus for the entire week based on the various tasks I know are coming throughout the next week.

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How to Print the PDF File

The to-do list printables can be printed by clicking on the “snag them here” button below. 

A direct download pdf  of all of the to-do list layouts will be provided directly to your computer. 

Button to download weekly to do list printables.

The pretty, simply, yet colorful to-do list options in all different styles shown here today will be together in one file.

The free printables were created to print on a standard piece of paper (8.5×11 inches).

Select the weekly planner template / layout of your choice (or all of them if you’d like!), then print.

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How do you make a To Do list weekly?

Plan your weekly goals by using this printable to-do list template. Prioritize the important tasks for your entire week and write them in. Check them off your to-do list as they are completed.

What should I write in my weekly list?

When determining your weekly to-do list, prioritize tasks that must be completed. Keep lists simple, manageable, and specific.

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