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Two Week Calendar Template – Free Printable Weekly Planner

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A weekly planner is a useful tool for school, work, and home life. A planner can help you manage your time more effectively, so here’s a free two-week calendar template that you can use for your planning needs.

Seeing two weeks at a glance gives more clarity to what activities are coming up, due dates, scheduled activities and tasks.

Mockup image of 2 week schedule template on a tan and peach backdrop.

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This printable weekly planner template can also be used as an editable pdf. This means you can edit it from your computer if you’d rather not manually write in your schedule!

To download the 2 week template, go to the bottom of the page and click on “snag it here” to get the printable template. It can them be printed on a single sheet of paper for all your important dates, goal setting, etc.

Different Ways to Use a Weekly Calendar

There are so many ways a calendar can come in handy to see upcoming activities for a busy schedule for the entire week. 

Possible uses for a weekly or 2-week calendar:

  • meal planner / meal planning
  • track workloads for yourself and/or colleagues
  • kids activities for the busy mom
  • general schedules
  • mood tracker
  • use as a student planner for school schedule, class times, or activities
  • assignment due dates
  • main goals for 2 week increments
  • diet calendar

The printable planner can be used for anything you need! All of these different options show how you can really personalize the 2 week schedule template to fit whatever you have going.

It’s a great idea to print extra copies of the free printable weekly calendar for future use.

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How to Download the Calendar Template

To print the 2 week planners, simply scroll down the page and click on the “snag it here” button to download to your computer. 

Print the direct download link from your home printer. The download of the calendar is in pdf format and will print on a single page.

Each pdf file is for personal use / non-commercial use only.

Keep in mind this is an editable pdf, so if you choose, you can edit it directly from your computer prior to printing if you would rather complete it digitally vs. writing the information in by hand. 

Save the editable calendar to your computer to plug in information for the coming week and use it the entire year.

It is an undated weekly calendar so you can customize it as needed turning it into custom weekly calendars based on the current week and your specific schedule.

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Monday Start Date

This weekly calendar template has a Monday start date since this is the first day of the workweek for most. 

This undated weekly planner (2 week view) is a minimalist design that can be used for students, teachers, busy moms, college students, the workplace, etc.

The blank weekly schedule template (two week) allows you to write the dates in for the 2-week period you need. Fill in your daily schedule or list of to-dos on the day of the week needed. 

I tried to allow ample space to write basic information. 

The lines under each day of the weekly planner printables could also be used as time slots.

Bookmark this page so you can print more copies of the planner templates down the road if needed!

Weekly planning really helps me get a grasp on upcoming events/appointments and I hope it helps you, too!

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Important Tasks to Include on a Planner

Not sure what to prioritize as an important task on a daily planner?

It can be overwhelming to attempt to write all-the-things in your planner. It’s important to only write the things you need help remembering or have a general focus for how you plan to use your planner.

For example, on my at a glance calendar, I only write down scheduled appointments or events. Then I reserve the daily tasks for my weekly hourly planner.

But, you might just want calendars to track important habits such as water intake, exercise, etc.

Personalize it and use it how it best suits your life.

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Daily Tasks to Enter

So what daily tasks should you enter? If you still need some ideas, consider these:

  • kids sports practices
  • kids games
  • daily chores
  • daily routines you don’t want to forget
  • exercise plans
  • work schedule
  • weekly goals
  • class schedule for high school or college students
  • specific work tasks that you must complete
  • work due dates

As you can see, the daily tasks you write into the calendar templates will vary greatly depending on your circumstances.

The good news is you can use this simple weekly planner to fit your needs.

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Can I print a weekly calendar?

To print the calendar, click on the “snag it here” button /graphic below. It will download directly to your computer for your personal use. Print as many times as you’d like. 

Perhaps even bookmark this page so you can find it again later.

I made these blank weekly calendars editable so you can type in your schedule directly from your device before you print if you’d like.

The worksheet is not exactly a digital planner like you would find in a spreadsheet, but if your handwriting isn’t great, it is nice to type in the information.

However, note you certainly can just print it out and write the information in by hand too should you prefer! 

2 week planner printable on pale blue and tan backdrop.

These printables are in landscape layout.

But, if you really prefer a portrait landscape, you’ll want to check out my 24-hour daily schedules printable weekly templates.

Other Calendar Printables

I’m a sucker for calendars and I also love to make printables. So I’ve managed to make several different printable calendar templates over the years. If you love printable calendars too, you’ll want to take a look at the below blog posts.

There are various free downloads in pdf formats as well as general calendar planning tools.

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