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Free Printable Reading Tracker – Reading Log Template

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Want to remember what you read? Try keeping a reading log. A printable reading tracker is an easy way to track your reading progress and remind yourself of what and when you read. 

Here are some reading log templates for you to use. Download and use the book log in your bullet journal, daily planner, Happy Planner, or notebook so you can track your daily reading.

Collage of 4 different reading tracker printables.

Get more home printables here.

One year on a page reading tracker will allow you to track an entire year and watch your progress. Keep track of percentage read or simply check that you read for the day.

It’s like a habit tracker just for reading!

To use these freebies / pdfs, simply click on any of the buttons that say PRINT to get a copy of all the reading logs.

A direct download of all four reading log printables will instantly download to your computer. Bookmark this page and come back when you need more.

Use the free printables as a personal reading challenge, to keep track of your book lists, or to simply establish a better habit of reading.

Reading Trackers

This reading printable pack is great for kids, but also adults as I hope to use these myself!

Reading has always been a hobby for me, but in recent years, I find it harder to find the time to read as much as I’d like. 

I always image I will read all sorts of exciting novels, scary horror stories and murder mysteries, romance novels, and the list goes on. 

Regardless of the genre, a good book has a way of transporting you to another place!

BUT, life can sometimes get in the way.

Hopefully this free reading log will help you (AND me) improve our summer reading. My hope is that my reading habits will carryover to the rest of the year!

Lately, I’ve been very interested in audiobooks. While I think reading an old-fashioned book is best, I also think it is completely fine to keep track of the audiobooks you listen to on your favorite device in addition to the ones you actually “read”. 

Free Reading Tracker

The printable reading log will help you keep track of the days you are reading. The reading log shows every day for the entire you to help motivate you!

Reading log yearly book tracker printable on blue and tan background.
By clicking “print” you will download the entire FREE reading log printable pack.

Print out the worksheets and place them in a binder. Then use a pen, markers, or colored pencils to make the printables your own. You could even use fun stickers to decorate the worksheets.

If you have reluctant readers, making reading fun is the key!

Print in color or print in black and white. It looks really nice either way!

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Book Reviews

Use the book review template to rate the books on your reading list. This will give you a better idea of the types of books or authors you enjoy most. 

Book rating printable with section for book title, author, date, and rating out of 5 stars.
By clicking “print” you will download the entire FREE reading log printable pack.

Goodreads is also a wonderful way to keep track of this information online. No subscription is needed and you do not need to pay to access. 

I enjoy using Goodreads to get book recommendations from other book lovers with similar interests as mine. I only follow a few friends that I consider to have great taste in books. So many of my book ideas come from their reading lists.

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Book Notes

Use the book notes printable any way you’d like. I don’t know about you, but I get so many interesting ideas when I’m reading a good book.

Especially when I’m reading a non-fiction book that suggests certain websites or refers to other books, newspapers, or magazines.

Printable for book notes on tan and peach background.
By clicking “print” you will download the entire FREE reading log printable pack.

Still not sure how you might need to use the notes section?

Some ideas for use include:

  • Keep track of the number of pages you read in a given day
  • Write down your favorite quotes
  • Summarize the plot of a book

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Bookshelf Reading Log

Use this cute reading log to give a visual of the books you’ve completed!

If you have space, write the names of the book titles on the book spines and color in each book to show which ones you’ve read.

Bookshelf reading log for tracking books read.
By clicking “print” you will download the entire FREE reading log printable pack.

Use pretty markers, pens, or pencils to make it extra special.

If you love to color, you will enjoy the bookmark coloring pages.

We are all motivated in different ways! This might just help those that need an extra nudge. It really does feel like a reward to get to color in another book after it’s finished!

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FREE Printable Reading Journal

These fun printables could also be used as a reading journal. Keep notes on all your books in one place!

One thing I love to do is print out sheets such as these on a full size adhesive label to make my own sticker! I print it to the size of my yearly planner and stick it on one of the blank pages in the back part of my planner.

The back of my planner is where I keep lots of lists of things I want to remember. 

Other ideas for lists to keep in your planner:

  • When did I last…
  • Medical / Doctor visits
  • Car maintenance log
  • Books you want to read
  • Movies / shows you want to watch

Check out the post above for lots more great ideas to keep you organized! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how you might use a reading tracker? See if these questions and answers might help.

What is the best free reading app?

There are a number of free reading apps that help if you prefer digital reading. Some of the most popular free reading apps include: Amazon Kindle app (no Kindle is required to use this app), Libby app (my personal favorite and a great app that lets you borrow books from your local library), Google Play Books app, and Audible.

What is a reading log?

A reading log is a way to track the books, magazines, and/or newspapers read. Some reading logs allow journaling about the books, in addition to tracking days read, how many pages read, etc. A reading log can be personalized to suit each individual’s reading goals.

What is a reading log for students?

A reading log for students will likely be used as a reminder to read and/or a way to track specific goals. Depending on the class (or homeschool) assignments, students might track various goals. Examples include: days spent reading for an allotted number of minutes, number pages read, number of books read, etc. 


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