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Free Place Card Printable Templates – For Any Occasion

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Making place cards for your next event can be an easy and fun task with the help of free printable place card templates. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, wedding shower, or holiday gathering, pre-made place card templates can save you time and money by eliminating the need to buy expensive supplies.

These free printable templates are a great way to quickly create stylish place cards that make a perfect addition to any table setting.

Free printable place cards for any occasion.

Just print the tent cards and write in the name of the guest. Printing instructions are at the end of the post.

When might you use these free printable place cards? Here are some ideas for different types of place cards.

Dinner Party

An easy way to add a personal touch and a bit of formality to a dinner party is to have guests’ names printed on their own place cards. Put them on their place setting so guests know where to sit.

When it comes to hosting a dinner party, attention to detail can make all the difference in creating a memorable and special event.

These little name-holders serve the practical purpose of guiding your attendees to their designated seats and offer an opportunity for creativity and customization.

Place Cards free printable with eucalyptus decor elements for embelishments.
Print at the bottom of the post.

DIY name cards can become an unexpected highlight of your next dinner party – leaving guests feeling welcomed and amazed by your attention to detail.

Table Number

Every detail matters when planning a wedding, corporate events, or any other special event. 

One small yet significant element often overlooked is the table number place cards.

This set of place cards comes with the designated table number, which can serve as an escort card, guiding guests to the exact table number where they will be seated.

Table number place cards free printable.

Many people opt to purchase pre-made ones from party supply stores, but there are times when DIY table number place cards can add a personal touch and enhance the event’s overall aesthetic.

One situation in which table number place cards are particularly suitable is for smaller, intimate events. 

With fewer tables to organize, you have more time and flexibility to create something unique and personalized for each guest. You have complete control over the overall style by crafting your own place cards.

Another scenario where table number place cards shine is when you want to incorporate a specific theme into your event. Pre-made place cards may be limited in terms of designs available, making it difficult to find one that aligns perfectly with your vision. 

By taking on the task yourself, you can match the colors of the paper used with your desired theme.

Remember to add the names of your guests to the table number place cards.

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Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Make your Thanksgiving dinner table extra festive by including each guest’s name on their placement card. It is a fun way to say Happy Thanksgiving to every guest.

Planning those small details makes the holiday extra special. 

Thanksgiving-themed place cards will also add a personal touch that guests will surely appreciate.

Free printable place cards for Thanksgiving.

One unique idea to take the Thanksgiving tablescape to the next level is incorporating natural seasonal elements. 

For instance, you could use mini pumpkins or pinecones as stands for each card. Write each guest’s name on the place cards and attach it to the pumpkin or pinecone using twine or ribbon.

This will give your table a rustic and cozy vibe, and guests can take their natural keepsakes home as a lovely reminder of this special gathering. Trace these fall leaf templates to add even more charm.

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Christmas Place Card

One of my favorite holiday traditions is gathering friends and family around the dinner table for a festive meal. 

To make this occasion even more unique, create personalized place cards for each guest. Homemade Christmas place cards will add a personal touch to any holiday gathering and are surprisingly simple to make.

Christmas theme free printable place cards.
Print at bottom of post.

Just print your own place cards and personalize them to fit your Christmas celebration.

You can go for a rustic look using natural materials like pinecones or dried leaves as the base of your card. Alternatively, you can embrace the holiday spirit with traditional Christmas colors like red and green. 

Remember pretty cloth napkins and a napkin ring to make your holiday party unforgettable.

Homemade Christmas place cards add elegance to your table setting and serve as unique keepsakes that guests can take home after the event. 

This little detail shows that you went above and beyond to create a beautiful holiday table for your loved ones during the holidays. They might even send a sweet card, thanking you for the hospitality.

​How to Print

To print the pdf file containing the free printable place cards, click “snag them here.”

Download free printable place cards.

The free templates will download directly to your computer.

Select your favorite name, place card design, and print. Card stock will make the name plates extra durable, which I highly recommend. White card stock will work best for the versions with designs. But, the simple place cards would look great on colored paper.

Use a paper trimmer or scissors to cut out each individual card.

Write in the guest names, fold, and place them in a place card holder.

The place card size is approximately 2.5″ x 4″ when folded.


Free printable place cards are a fantastic option for any event or occasion. 

They offer convenience and affordability, making adding a personal touch to your table settings easy. With many templates available, you can find the perfect design to match your theme or style. 

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, dinner party, or holiday gathering, these place cards will surely impress your guests. Give them a try and elevate your next event with these charming and customizable details.

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