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Free Acorn Template Printables – Acorn Shapes for Crafts

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Get these free printable templates for your next acorn craft. The free printable acorn templates are a fun way to learn about the oak tree or just get creative with fall paper crafts.

Use the acorn outlines to make your own acorn or use as printable coloring pages for simple coloring and improving fine motor skills.

5 different acorn stencils, templates, and coloring pages.

The acorn patterns are in pdf format and come in a digital file. The free file is for personal use / non-commercial use only. 

For printing instructions, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says “snag them here“.

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What is An Acorn?

An acorn is the small, hard fruit of the oak tree. It has a tough outer shell and a soft inner flesh.

The acorn is an important food source for many animals, including squirrels, birds, and deer.

Acorns are relatively easy to find in the wild, making them a popular choice for nature lovers and hikers.

They can also be purchased at many stores that sell outdoor supplies.

Acorn Stencil

The acorn stencils can be used for a fun fall craft, to decorate a bulletin board at school, or any other acorn activities you might be completing. 

There are so many creative ways to use a blank acorn template.

Large Simple Acorn Template

Use this larger acorn template to make the perfect fall craft. Print it to use as a stencil or print directly onto a piece of construction paper. 

Larger acorn template / stencil in black and white.
To print larger acorn stencil scroll to bottom of page.

Small Acorn Template

Little acorns can be used for acorn garland or other kids crafts. 

Smaller sized acorn templates in black and white on printable.
Print at bottom of page.

To make garland for autumn season:

-Print acorns on brown construction paper or a piece of card stock.

-Cut a hole in the top of the acorn pieces with a hole punch.

-Thread a piece of yarn or jute twine in the tops of the acorns.

-Hang the cute fall banner.

Add some printable fall leaves to your cute fall decor and hang your garland on the mantel, over a door, or in your room.

Other Craft Ideas for Fall Activities

Grab your favorite art supplies and let your perfect little helper assist you in making your next fall themed crafts.

A child’s imagination can be a great guide for a fall activity.

But sometimes we all need some ideas for a fun activity?

  1. Use the acorns as place cards for Thanksgiving or even a Halloween party.
  2. Cut out the large acorns and use glue sticks to connect them to popsicle sticks.
  3. Make acorn name tags.
  4. Write a short story on a large acorn and connect several together for a fall book.
  5. Acorns as gift tag for fall gift-giving.
  6. A simple fall coloring page.
  7. Teaching the life cycle of trees.
  8. Make little acorn people.
  9. Make cute acorn mice.

There are lots of fun crafts you can complete with the free acorn printables this fall season.

A perfect addition would be to add a fall leaf or a fall tree that has losts its leaves to the activity. Add other fall embellishments to your paper acorn crafts and use your creativity.

Don’t forget the candy corn printables and I’m thankful for printables! Something kids of all ages can enjoy.

How to Make an Acorn Template

If your craft project calls for an acorn template, print out the most basic stencil in this printable pack.

Carefully cut it out with scissors, then trace around it onto construction paper or cardstock with pencil to make your own acorn.

Free Acorn Coloring Pages

Coloring pages that look like real acorns are fun for coloring for all different age groups. Grab your crayons or Magic Markers and have fun.

Medium sized acorn coloring page or template.
To print medium size acorn template, scroll to bottom.

Fall is in the air and that means it’s time to start thinking about all things pumpkin spice, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. 

Let’s not forget one of the best parts of autumn: collecting acorns! 

Detailed acorn coloring sheet.
Print options at bottom of post.

These little nutty treasures are so much fun for crafts, games, and decorations this time of year. 

And what could be more fun than coloring in some cute acorn coloring pages?

Life Cycle of Acorns

The life cycle of an acorn is fascinating and begins with a mature oak tree.

The tree produces acorns which are picked up by animals, such as squirrels, who then bury them. These acorns germinate and grow into new oak trees.

Large, printable acorn coloring page in black and white.
Print below.

Acorns are the fruit of oak trees and have a hard shell that protects the seed inside.

The shell cracks open and the seed germinates, growing into a new oak tree. 

Acorns can remain dormant in the ground for many years before growing into a new tree.

The life cycle of an acorn is a long and complicated process that involves several different stages. 

Acorns are an important part of the ecosystem and provide food for many animals.

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Great Books about Acorn

Whether you are looking for a lesson for your preschoolers or kindergarten students at home or school, I’ve got recommendations for some great fall books that talk all about acorns.

Books are a great way to teach them about nature while having fun, too!

How to Download the Acorn Printables

Click on the button below that says “snag them here” for immediate access to all the acorn printables in this article! 

Download button and images of acorn templates.

A link will download to your computer of the digital file containing ALL the acorn printables (stencils and coloring pages).

Print on regular size printer paper (8.5×11″). 

Use the free printables for your fall crafts at home, school, preschool, church classroom, or anywhere you’d like!

Bookmark the page to come back later.


Enjoy these fun acorn stencils, templates, and coloring pages for all your fun fall activities. 

Kids of all ages might find they learn a few things about acorns. Do you have a favorite acorn template? 

And don’t forget to pin this to your favorite Pinterest board for later!

Collage of acorn templates, stencils, and coloring pages on gold background.

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