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15 Tips and Ideas for Your Bedroom Organization

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An ideal bedroom, whether a small room or a large room with much space, is well organized, clutter-free, and makes the most efficient use of the wall, floor, and nook-and-cranny storage and display spaces. With a few organization tips, your bedroom will be a great place to relax and recharge.

Bedroom with white comfortable and walls.

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Here are 15 tips and bedroom organization ideas:

  1. Use a closet shelf to store extra blankets.
  2. Maximize floor space by reducing clutter.
  3. Use dresser drawer dividers.
  4. Create storage space under your bed.
  5. Organize under a loft bed.
  6. Use a basket, storage ottomans, or storage bench for miscellaneous items.
  7. Use hooks on the wall for accessories.
  8. Nightstand/bedside table for jewelry.
  9. Headboard with compartments for extra storage.
  10. Trash can to keep trash where it belongs.
  11. Laundry hamper for keeping clothing tidy.
  12. Vanity for makeup
  13. Wall shelf to add baskets
  14. Shoe Rack / Shoe Storage
  15. Create a clothing rack to store bulky clothing. 

In this article, I’ll discuss the above-mentioned bedroom organization tips and ideas and how to apply them to your bedroom. 

Use a Closet Shelf To Store Extra Blankets

Having extra blankets is necessary to account for changes in temperature. Extra blankets is undoubtedly a great idea but can pose a big clutter problem if there is no available space. 

The good news is that closet shelves make an excellent storage solution for bulky blankets and extra bed sheets. 

Fold up the extra blankets in half several times until you reach a desired, compact size, and store them away on the closet shelf. 

Closet organization goes a long way in adding valuable space to keep your bedroom tidy. The key is to ensure you don’t try to add too much stuff on your open shelves or just push items to the back of the closet.

Just make sure not to cram them behind anything, or you may end up with a mess and hassle every time you want to pull out your extra blankets.

Remember, keeping frequently used items visible for easy access is key to efficient organization. This is especially important in a small closet where closet space is a premium.

I often find “less is more” fits so perfectly with making a home feel more peaceful and clean.

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Maximize Floor Space by Reducing Clutter

To create a balanced and serene bedroom, you’ll want to make sure you have a nice flow to your walking space. One of the worst feelings in any room is when you have no room to walk because there’s so much visual clutter on the floor. 

One of the easiest way to organize your bedroom space is to declutter extra items. Purge, donate or throw out things that you no longer use.

The good news is that you can reduce clutter on the floor by thinking about what items you can cut out of the bedroom altogether.

Sometimes we end up just piling unnecessary items on the bedroom floor, and it creates a chaotic feel to a space that should be comfortable and relaxing. 

Remember this quote from expert organizer Marie Kondo if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process: 

“Tidying is a skill. Let go of the preconception that you were born unable to tidy. Second, focus on what you want to keep, not what to discard.” 

Once you decide what items can be stored in other rooms of the house, or discarded altogether, then start thinking about what can be moved off the floor. For example, if you have instruments stored on the ground, think about hanging them on your walls. 

Guitar hanging on wall in bedroom.

Not only do hanging instruments look fantastic, but displaying them on the walls frees up your floor space.

This quick and easy-to-install String Swing Guitar Hanger (available on Amazon.com) might be just what you need to display your instrument beautifully. 

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Use Dresser Drawer Dividers

Dressers can get pretty chaotic pretty quickly if your clothes aren’t stored in an organized manner.

While making sure clothes are folded when put in the dresser certainly helps to ensure organization, another fantastic solution is to utilize dresser drawer dividers. 

They are beneficial for those easily jumbled, small items like socks, underwear, beanies, bras, and gloves. Dresser drawer dividers come in varying sizes and shapes so that you can choose the perfect setup for your organizational needs and personal style. 

Drawer dividers are a great way to create a small space to for extra storage of smaller items.

I recommend checking out these adjustable Ormeli Drawer Dividers (available on Amazon.com) if you’re interested in a drawer organizer for your dresser. 

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Create Storage Space Under Your Bed

A whole world of storage solutions can be available to you by utilizing the valuable extra space under your bed. Depending on how your bed is set up, you can store bins underneath to create an entire work or hangout space. 

In a master bedroom, the bed is commonly queen or king-sized and situated on a ground-level bed frame. According to the Sleep Foundation, the average adult-sized bed frame is 12”-16” (30.48-40.64 cm) tall.

If this fits how your bed is situated, then there should be enough space under the bed for storage bins, luggage, or other packed-up items that you don’t frequently use. 

If necessary, bed risers could always be used to give the bed a bit more height for under-bed storage. Bed risers might be especially useful for a small bedroom or dorm room.

Organizing Under a Loft Bed

A loft bed is a common set-up in a child’s bedroom that offers a lot of space underneath. The area underneath a loft is the perfect place for you to maximize organization in several creative ways. 

The area could be turned into an awesome hang-out area with a cozy chair, fun throw pillows, and a bookshelf. 

You could turn the space under the loft bed into a neat homework area, complete with a small desk for your kiddo to work on. This sturdy KidKraft Wooden Study Desk (available on Amazon.com) could do just the trick for your child’s homework area.

However, if you want to have an adult-sized loft bed, there is a company that makes bunk beds and loft beds for adults. 

They use airplane steel to make the frame, which means that it can hold up to 2,000 lbs (907.18 kg). While the beds are not cheap, they will last for many years, and they can open up a small master bedroom and give you double the space that you otherwise wouldn’t have without it.

Use a Basket or Storage Bench for Miscellaneous Items

No matter how organized we are, there will always be a few stray items that seem to not belong to a specifically designated storage or display area. In this situation, utilizing a large basket, ottoman, or storage bench for those extra miscellaneous items is a fantastic idea. 

A large wicker basket, ottoman, or storage bench can easily stow the following items: 

  • Extra toiletry items
  • Linens
  • Fabrics
  • Toys
  • Out-of-season clothes

Not only do they store items, but wicker baskets can add a beautiful touch to your bedroom decor. Storage benches and ottomans can also be wonderfully practical as they add an additional seating option. 

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Use Nightstand or Bedside Table for Jewelry

If your bedroom lacks a location for organized jewelry, consider using your nightstand as a jewelry box.

With a few dividers and small boxes, you could easily create extra storage space for costume jewelry and jewelry you wear on a regular basis. 

Wall hooks could be hung for necklaces to keep them in good condition and kink-free.

Headboard with Compartments

Growing up, I had a headboard that had drawers and a small place for tissues. It was super handy to keep things neat and tidy, but in close proximity to the bed for items that get regular use.

A new headboard might not be on your list of upcoming purchases, but keep it in mind for an organization idea for a small bedroom without much storage.

Trash Can

Make sure you have a trash can tucked in a convenient location in the bedroom. Find a trash can that matches your current decor, but doesn’t necessarily draw attention.

This will keep the space looking more tidy and free of trash and papers.

White wire trash can in floor beside wooden table.

Laundry Hamper

Necessary bedroom organization hacks such as a laundry hamper is incredibly practical, but can also be pretty.

I find that we tend to clean up after ourselves if things are handy. A laundry hamper with a lid in an easy-to-access location within the bedroom can keep your space organized and clean.

Vanity for Makeup

Depending on your bathroom situation, it could be helpful to keep your makeup vanity in the bedroom. 

This is especially true if you are sharing a bathroom with other family members or a roommate. 

As with each of the other items mentioned, ensure you keep things together in a storage space / container that keeps the area looking neat and clean.

Wall Shelf

If you need a bit of extra space for books, baskets, etc., a wall shelf is a great solution.

Purchasing a bookshelf to put in the bedroom could solve your storage needs if you are not feeling handy enough to build your own wall shelves!

Shoe Rack / Shoe Storage

Shoes can become clutter very quickly if not properly organized.

The closet is a better location for storing shoes vs. your actual bedroom if you can afford the space within the closet.

There are many different options for shoe storage available. The key is to find something that is sturdy. This shoe bench and storage rack is a nice option.

Create a Clothing Rack To Store Bulkier Clothing

Especially during the winter, it’s important to not overstuff your dresser with bulky clothing items. An important thing to keep in mind is that the more accessible your items are, the easier it’ll be for you to keep them organized. 

Instead of jamming too much bulky clothing into the dresser, try displaying them on a clothing rack, which can be made from a variety of materials. I personally think racks made from industrial pipe or bamboo rods are incredibly artistic and can add great personality to your bedroom. 

I’d suggest checking out SimpleHouseware Garment Rack (available on Amazon.com) for an interesting and effective way to display your bulky clothing. 

A tension rod could be even be added to a corner if you have un unused nook.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your bedroom organized can feel like a daunting task. However, with these 15 tips and ideas for bedroom organization, you can create the perfect space that’s enjoyable to rest and hang out in and also effectively and creatively store and displays your items.

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