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Six Months Calendar Printable – FREE Template

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Snag these 6 months calendar printable in pdf format to use for all your important events. Use as a wall calendar or on your desk to accompany your monthly planner.

I get a bit obsessed with calendars, including monthly calendar templates and have created a ton of different pdf files for free use.

Six month calendars (Jan-June on one page and July-December on the other) for 2024.

Be sure to check out all of my calendars to see if there are any others you need. The good news is there are lots for you to choose from!

Depending on your needs, there will definitely be different types of calendars that fit the bill. Find the one that works for you through various links in today’s post.

How to Use the Calendars

The 6 month calendars can be used for so many things!

Essentially they are a smaller version of the year-at-a-glance type of calendar, only showing 6 months of the calendars at one time.

Great places and ways to use the calendars:

  • on the fridge
  • in conjunction with the school calendar
  • as as desk calendar
  • as a wall calendar
  • create a poster size calendar for a wall planner for work or school use
  • monthly behavior calendar for kids

The 6 month free printable calendars would also work great as part of a photo calendar or perhaps a company calendar.

Use your own calendar for any needs you have!

Currently, the calendars are for 2024, but I will do my best to update them when the time comes.

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Portrait Orientation

The portrait layouts would make a great desk calendar to allow you to see six months at a time for upcoming projects, special occasions, or general monthly planning.

January-June 2024 six month calendar and July-December 2024 six month calendar.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for printing directions of the six months of calendars on one page.

All calendars have Sunday as the first day of the week as this is the more traditional calendar for most.

My Weekly Calendar Templates are great if you need ample space for writing in your to-do list or day-to-day schedules. The weekly views allow a more granular look at the days of the week.

The 2 week calendar templates give a bit wider date range but still allow for detailed planning.

Below are instructions for print options but note you can print all or just one of the calendars shown in this post. When you pull up your print preview, you can select to just print a single page if that is all you need.

Don’t forget to bookmark the page and come back later!

Landscape Layouts

The landscape orientation has a note section that will allow you to write in general notes or upcoming events. If you only need a few notes, these work great.

All calendars are in basic, practical designs to allow use in any situation. No floral designs are colorful print on these.

The only exception to color is I added red to the weekends so they would stick out a bit more.

2024 January through June landscape view calendar with space for notes.

Scroll to the bottom of the post for printing directions of the pdf template.

Landscape view six month calendar for 2024 with months of July-December with place for notes in middle of calendar.

For more detailed planning, check out my printable monthly calendar. These allow you to write in all-the-things for more detailed planning.

Are you needing to see the whole year? Then my 12-month Calendar Template is great for a year-at-a-glance style calendar.

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How to Print

To print the pdf calendar of your choice, click on the “snag them here” button below. You will get a download link for all 2024 calendars.

Download button for 2024 six month calendar printables.

You will then get a direct download, straight to your computer of all of the printable calendar templates shown in this article.

Each printable blank calendar will print on a single page. In your pdf viewer, you can decide to print all or just one of the calendars.

They were created for 8.5×11 inch paper or letter size page. If you have unique specifications of a size you would like, or are using a different size paper, adjust as needed.

Once you are ready, click print! Then use the calendars for your own events.

Note, these are for personal/ non commercial use only.

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