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How to Secure a Heavy Leaning Floor Mirror to the Wall

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Full length mirrors are a great way to see if your entire outfit is perfect before walking out the door. But, making sure those heavy mirrors are safe around your children and pets can be a big concern. Follow these simple steps to ensure your mirror is securely anchored to the wall.

full length mirror in hallway.

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The general steps to secure your mirror:

1) Determine low traffic location if possible for your leaning mirror.
2) If mirror is on a hard surface floor, use a grip surface under the mirror to ensure no slipping and sliding.
3) Attach heavy duty furniture straps to the mirror (or other heavy piece of furniture) and anchor to the wall ensuring your screws are in a stud.

Let’s dive into the details!


Where to Lean your Mirror

The first thing to consider is location. Take a moment to select a location in which the full-length mirror will not be easily bumped. But, you also want to make sure you put your large mirror in a place it can actually be used.

Don’t overthink it. Just consider your specific situation and home and find a place that works best for you.

We decided on putting our full length mirror in the hallway of our two story house as this is just outside of all of our bedrooms.

Our children are currently teenagers and are pretty interested in seeing how they look each day.

A central location for our entire family worked nicely so everyone could benefit from the mirror.

The main hall between the bedrooms seemed to be a great option because the space does not get much natural light and a mirror would help to make things seem brighter.

Plus, it was a space that allowed everyone to take a step back and see their entire reflection. Head-to-toe, full look outfit views!

Because of the weight of the mirror, we felt taking extra precautions was the best way to ensure this large leaning mirror was safe and secure with constant hall traffic.

hallway with built in shelving near bedrooms.

Down the hall you can get a glimpse of the repurposed vintage window where we hang the kids artwork!

Place Mirror on Rubber Grip Surface to Prevent Sliding

One thing that terrified me, was the full length floor mirror sliding out on the hardwood floor. To prevent this from happening, we used rubber drawer liner under the mirror.

I’ve seen gripper pads that are made specifically for furniture, so that is a good option too for larger mirrors.

Regardless, I think it’s a good idea to keep your mirror from sliding should it get a slight bump when passing by.

Once we determined exactly where the mirror would go, I cut a strip of drawer liner (that had that rubber grip feel) to put under either side of the mirror.

Rubber drawer liner to keep leaning mirror from slipping on floor.

Jason, my husband, held up each edge of the mirror while I put the rubber strips in place.

Easy, peasy!

How to Keep Leaning Mirror from Sliding on Dresser

If you have a leaner mirror on a dresser, it’s important to find ways to keep it safe and secure, too.

One effective method to keep a leaning mirror from sliding on a dresser is by using adhesive rubber pads.

These small and discreet pads can be easily affixed to the bottom of the mirror frame at the corners, providing a strong grip and preventing any movement.

This trick not only helps keep your mirror securely in place but also protects your dresser from scratches caused by constant friction.

Alternatively, you can make use of nonslip rug grippers or shelf liners to keep the leaning mirror stationary.

Simply cut them into small pieces and place them strategically on the surface where the mirror rests against the dresser. The added traction provided by these materials ensures that your mirror stays in position and adds an extra layer of grip for added stability.

For those who prefer a more permanent solution for mirror support, consider using a furniture strap kit by adding wall brackets or anchors behind your dresser and securing the top of the mirror to them using screws or hooks.

This technique requires a bit more effort but guarantees complete immobility for your mirror while still allowing it to maintain its desired tilt.

Remember to consult professional advice when dealing with wall structure modifications to ensure safety and avoid potential damage.

By implementing these simple yet effective suggestions, you can create a secure setup for your leaning mirror without compromising its aesthetic appeal or risking accidents caused by sliding mirrors.

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Attach Furniture Straps to Mirror and Wall

We used QuakeHOLD! Furniture Straps to secure our mirror.

Quake HOLD furniture straps.

The process was pretty simple. We followed the instructions inside the box and they worked like a charm.

The kit comes with two heavy duty nylon straps that you stick to the back of your mirror (or other heavy piece of furniture).

This adhesive is seriously sticky, so I think you can rest assured that it is secure!

One end of the strap sticks to the back of the mirror, the other end is screwed into a wall stud.

We weren’t able to access a wall stud, unfortunately. But, using heavy duty drywall anchors did the trick.

I would suggest using a stud finder and if possible, connecting the straps to a stud for added security. But, know a wall anchor will work.

If you do not feel comfortable using just the adhesive strips, use screws provided with the kit to attach the straps to the back of the mirror (or furniture).

Secure leaning mirror with furniture straps.

You follow the same process on both the left and right side of the mirror.

Can I hang a mirror with command strips?

Hanging a mirror with command strips has become a popular alternative to drilling holes and using nails or screws.

Command strips are adhesive hooks that claim to be strong enough to support heavy frames, mirrors, and other objects. This innovative solution offers convenience and versatility, especially for those who are renting and don’t want to damage the walls.

However, it is important to consider the weight and size of the mirror before deciding whether command strips are suitable.

Although these adhesive hooks can hold varying weights depending on their size and type, it is advisable to choose a hook rated for heavier weights than your mirror actually weighs.

This allows for extra security and ensures that the mirror will not fall down unexpectedly.

Additionally, it is crucial to follow the proper instructions when applying command strips. Thoroughly clean the wall surface before sticking them on, ensuring there is no dust or residue that could affect their adhesion.

Press firmly against each strip for at least 30 seconds to activate the adhesive properly. It may also be worth considering using multiple command strip hooks instead of relying on only one or two for added stability.

Leaning Mirror Wall Anchor

We had great success using the Quakehold Furniture Strap kit, but there are several other wall anchors for a heavy floor mirror to consider.

I have provided a few links below to some other wall anchors that get very good ratings.

The mirror’s weight is a factor to consider. If you are in a home with small children, I would suggest something something very secure.

That is truly it!

full size mirror in hall of home with family bedrooms surrounding it.
side view of full length brown mirror with shelves in hall across from mirror.

Our hallway is dark, so I’ve considered using chalk paint to lighten up the frame of this big mirror!

That’s exactly what I did to a mirror in our basement and it turned out really pretty.

large mirror in hall at night.

As I mentioned earlier, our mirror is right in the center of all of our bedrooms.

It’s the perfect location for a quick outfit check before heading out the door!

April from loveourreallife in large mirror.

The last picture is a good reminder why I’m not a fashion blogger;-)

It is so nice knowing this really heavy mirror is safe and secure!

Thanks for stopping by today.

Yield: 1 secure leaning mirror

How to Secure Leaning Mirror

brown mirror leaning against wall

Secure your leaning mirror like a pro! Our comprehensive guide will show you exactly what you need to do for a sturdy and safe setup.

Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $15


  • QuakeHold Furniture Straps
  • Rubber drawer liner to put under mirror for extra stability
  • Wall anchors


  • Screwdriver


    1. Determine low traffic location if possible for your leaning mirror. If possible, find a location that you can get a head to toe outfit check, but that does not get heavy traffic.
    2. If mirror is on a hard surface floor, use a grip surface under the mirror to ensure no slipping or sliding. I used rubber drawer liner and it worked great. But, there are various rubber pads available that would serve the same purpose. Adhesive rubber pads provide even more safety from sliding. Rubber pads also work well for securing a mirror on a dresser while simultaneously protecting the surface of the dresser.
    3. Attach heavy duty furniture straps to the mirror (or other piece of furniture) and anchor to the wall ensuring screws are in a stud. We used QuakeHold furniture straps for our project and were very happy with the security they provided. Placing the wall anchors in a stud provides extra safety. But, note there are many products available that do not require screws while still promising good durability and security. Removable double-sided tape is also an option. These less permanent options might be helpful for renters.


While securing a leaning mirror is a fairly easy task, I would suggest you ensure it is as secure as possible for the safety of family and friends. There are various furniture straps available, based on the weight of the furniture (or heavy mirror). Find something that fits your specific needs best and follow manufacturer's directions.

Command strips can also be used as an alternative. Just ensure you follow the directions exactly to ensure you are using enough Command Strips for the weight of the mirror.

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Collage of attaching furniture straps to heavy leaning mirror.

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