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TED Talks to Motivate You for Success!

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Starting a new year is exciting. A new beginning. A chance for a fresh start. But, after the first few days of the new year pass, it’s easy to get caught up in a state of “where do I begin?”, often to the point of inaction.

If you are looking for a little push, I have 5 amazing TED Talks to motivate you in 2020.

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So, you may actually be wondering…

What is a TED Talk?

TED stands for technology, entertainment, design. TED Talks cover nearly every imaginable topic, are generally limited to a maximum of 18 minutes, and are intended to spread great ideas.

I really enjoy listening to TED Talks because they are so short and typically incredibly inspirational. As a matter of fact, about a year ago I posted 5 inspiring TED Talks.

That post still gets a lot of traffic because I think sometimes we all just need to feel inspired.

Today, I am sharing my top 5 TED Talks that I think will motivate you to get up, get moving, and start getting stuff done! I needed a little kick in the tail myself and thought you just might be in the same boat!

Top 5 TED Talks for Motivation

If you love light-hearted and funny, the first video I’m sharing will be a real treat!

1. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator – Tim Urban

Tim from What But Why is just funny. Plus, he’s apparently quite the procrastinator by nature.

His TED Talk explains his thoughts on what happens in the brain of a procrastinator when they are putting off a task.

He also discusses why procrastination can put individuals in a dark place and lead to long term unhappiness and regrets.

Tim Urban’s TED Talk is perfect for the student, worker, or everyday person who tends to put things off just a little much.

Just a little give away…we are ALL procrastinators. But, if you feel this is a real area of struggle, do yourself a favor and listen. You won’t regret it.

By the way, I felt like he was talking directly to ME, so no judgement here!

2. The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown

Being vulnerable is often looked at as being weak. However, Brené shares how to embrace our imperfections and in turn become more courageous, compassionate, and connected.

I will tell you that after watching Brené’s short motivational talk, I logged into my library and put myself on the waiting list for many of her books, including this one!

Brené Brown’s TED Talk is perfect for any woman (or man!) struggling with self confidence!

3. Programming Your Mind for Success – Carrie Green

Most of us struggle with self-limiting thoughts that potentially cause us to miss out on great opportunities.

I know I’m definitely guilty of thinking small!

Carrie suggests that success is often no accident. We have to make great things happen on purpose. She encourages us to know exactly what we want and why we want to achieve something.

I love the idea of having power over our own thoughts! Sometimes self doubt can feel like it has all the control.

Let’s replace all those negative thoughts with positive ones and make some amazing things happen this year!

4. How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over – Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins certainly doesn’t dance around how she really feels.

She has a lot of sass (in a good way!) and spunk and I appreciated her tell-it-like-it-is approproach.

Mel’s short, motivational talk is a guide on how we can learn to get what we want. She explains how it’s actually quite simple, it’s just not easy.

This video made me really think about areas of dissatisfaction in my life and brainstorm how I can take action to improve them.

I love her 5 Second Rule – If you have an impulse and you don’t follow through with an action to marry the idea within 5 seconds, you will kill the idea.

Let’s stop hitting the snooze button on our ideas and start doing big things!

5. How to Speak So That People Want to Listen – Julian Treasure

We all want others to listen to what we have to say, don’t we?! As a speech-language pathologist, Julian Treasure’s TED Talk really resonated with me.

Julian hits on the importance of the tone of our messages as well as our presentation style.

In a nutshell, avoid being negative. NO ONE wants to hear that!

Judging others, gossip, complaining, excuses, general negativity.

Yuck. Let’s just not do it.

He also discussed the four powerful foundations (HAIL) to consider when talking with others:

° Honesty (be clear and straight)
° Authenticity
° Integrity (be your word)
° Love (wishing people well)

Take a listen and also learn some great vocal warm-ups AND how to make your voice sound powerful!

These TED Talks should help you get motivated, improve your success, get a self confidence boost, and make you stop procrastinating!

Ok, perhaps these videos won’t take care of all of our problems. But they certainly made me feel a bit more motivated to do better.

Isn’t that the goal? Let’s just keep working hard on being our best selves.

I’m certainly a work in progres!

Best of luck on your pursuit for self betterment.

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