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My 12 Favorite Blogs and Why I Think You’ll Love Them Too!

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What are your favorite blogs?

There are so many out there!  When I started throwing around the idea of starting a blog a couple of years ago, I had no concept of how challenging it would be.  There are several blogs I consider my “go to” for home decor inspiration, tips on household organization, ways to save money, and DIY projects.

To me, what makes my favorite blogs really great is that the authors are truly authentic, they provide useful and practical advice to help me in my life, and they are someone that I can relate to.  Ultimately, that is what I’m striving for as I forge ahead on my blogging journey.

My 12 Favorite Blogs and why I think You'll love them too! Just a Girl and her Blog, The House of Wood, Bless'er House, House by Hoff, Money Saving Mom, I Heart Organizing, Stone Gable, Young House Love, Thistlewood Farms, The Turquoise Home, Maison de Pax, Life on Virginia Street.

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I can assure you, for the majority of bloggers, it is not all about the money.   They blog because they love it and have a genuine desire to share ideas that will help others create a more beautiful life.

Today, I’m providing you with my top 12 blogs that I continue to read on a regular basis.  Something all of these bloggers have in common (in my opinion) is authenticity!  If I read about something on a blog, I want to know I can trust the author.  The following authors have earned my trust through countless great posts…Enjoy!

My hope is that through time, I can earn your trust too.

My 12 Favorite Blogs and why I think you’ll love them too!

1. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Just a Girl and Her Blog can organize all the things!  If you have any area of your life that could use some organizational tips, check out her website.  I feel pretty confident in saying, she has a solution for you!

Abby at Just a Girl and her blog.

2. The House of Wood

Jen at The House of Wood has amazing DIY projects for all different skill levels.  Her passion for her projects inspires me to try things I might not have been courageous enough to attempt on my own.  Her carpentry skills are amazing, but even if you aren’t a DIY carpenter, she has plenty of ideas to get you started with creating something beautiful!

The House of Wood.

3.  Bless’er House

Blesser House.

Lauren at Bless’er House makes you feel like you are best friends.  Every time I read one of her posts, I want to ask her to have a cup of coffee with me and talk about our next project; but, we’ve never met and I’m afraid she might find that odd!  

If you have a builder’s grade home that needs a little more personality or you just want some ideas on painting some furniture, Lauren will take good care of you!

4.  House By Hoff

April at House By Hoff has a beautiful decorating / DIY blog with gorgeous photos.  I love to see how she stages her home, often turning simple design elements into something stunning.  

April uses decor items the average person can afford, which I love!  But, possibly one of my favorite things about her blog is how she is true to herself.  She definitely comes across as sincere and that makes me keep coming back for more!

House by Hoff.

5. Money Saving Mom

Crystal at Money Saving Mom has been a part of the blogging world a LONG time.  She is the first blog I started reading many years ago.  She provides practical solutions for living on a budget as well as giving tips to live life more simply.  

What I really appreciate about Crystal is that she puts it ALL out there!  She lets her readers into her life to see her successes, but more importantly, the battles she has had to fight to get where she is today.

Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine.

6. I Heart Organizing

There is nothing Jennifer Jones can’t organize!  She has an amazing way of seeing a problem and providing a perfectly organized solution that the average person can pull off.  

But, one of my favorite things to check out on I Heart Organizing is ALL of Jennifer’s amazing, free printables. This is where my printables obsession began!

Jen at I Heart Organizing.

7. Stone Gable

Stone Gable.

Yvonne at Stone Gable has amazing decor tips, tricks, and tutorials!  I am a super big fan of her tablescapes; she can make a dining table come to life for any season, any occasion, and on practically any budget.  

I also admire that she is a lover of Christ and shares her passion for God organically.  This is a rare quality to find in today’s world and I love it.

8.  Young House Love

I have determined there isn’t a DIY project John and Sherry from Young House Love will not attempt.  What I appreciate most is that not all of their projects are a complete success, but they are willing to put it all out there for us to learn from.  

Their DIYs are truly amazing and inspirational.  If you are looking for some home project ideas, Young House Love should be at the top of your list!

Young House Love.

9.  Thistlewood Farms

Karianne at Thistlewood Farms is incredibly creative.  She moved from Dallas, TX to “the middle of nowhere in Kentucky”.  She shares her journey decorating her family’s home and let me tell you, it’s beautiful.  

A theme she shares with most of my favorite blogs is amazing photos…her photos really capture the space she shares within her posts.

Thistlewood Farms.

10.  The Turquoise House

Laura at The Turquoise House is real.  She started her blogging journey to allow her friends and family to see her home project before and afters, but soon realized people related with her and wanted to see more!

You can find so many great ideas on her blog for personalizing your home.  Check out some of her projects and DIYs.  

I’m certain you will find something that you can tweak to make your own.

The Turquoise House.

11.  Maison de Pax

Rachel Maison de Pax has a decor and DIY blog with lovely projects that inspire me each time I click on her site.  

She always manages to pull on my heartstrings with her stories too!  Take a peek at her website and you’ll likely find you just can’t stop yourself from clicking on the next post.

Maison de Pax.

12.  Life on Virginia Street

Sarah at Life on Virginia Street is a girl from the Midwest that works a day job and blogs about making her house a home in her spare time.

Just as many of my other favorite bloggers, I love how relatable she is!  I find many of the decor ideas she shares are similar to what I chat about with my girlfriends.  Check out her blog and get some great ideas for your home!

Life on Virginia Street.

I hope you found some new favorite blogs! Bookmark your favorites!

Thanks for joining me today.  Do you have any blog favorites?  Please make a comment below and share about it.  What makes a blog great to you?

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  1. LOVE this list April – I can’t imagine how long it took you to pull it together for us. What a great resource!

  2. Oh this is such a fun list. I follow a few of these ladies also. I definitely agree with you about authenticity. Looking forward to visiting these blogs!

  3. I’m glad to see some of my favorites made this list. I’ll have to check out your other recommendations! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for these suggestions. I am always looking for new blogs to read. I have been reading Money Saving Mom for years. I have read Just a Girl and her blog a few times.

  5. I love the look of all of these so much. I’ll have to pin this whole article so I can go back through and follow all of these beautiful blogs.

  6. These are great blogs! Can’t wait to check them out and start reading their posts!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  7. I Heart Organizing as one of the first blogs that I starting following way back when. I loved her stuff and still do.. I am also a fan of Just a Girl and her blog and Money Saving Mom. Love them too. I always like learning of new blogs. Great list.

  8. Great post. I’m bookmarking this page right now to look at when I have time to browse and click through all your recommended posts. Thanks!

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