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Beginner’s Guide to a Simple Infinity Scarf

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Let’s start with true confessions: I can’t sew!  But, I still managed to pull off making this adorable infinity scarf.  If I can do it, you can too.  If you are an amateur with sewing, keep reading for my beginner’s guide to a simple infinity scarf.  

However, if you are more advanced, please look away;-)

Beginner's guide to a simple infinity scarf.

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My sister gave me a strip of flannel fabric last winter.  She had extra left over from making her own scarf.  “It’s easy”, she said.  “It will only take you 5 minutes”, she said.  

But, considering it usually takes me an hour just to thread my machine, I knew that wouldn’t be the case.

So, I did nothing with it for almost an entire year.  Then autumn came along.  I started seeing all of the fun flannel that is EVERYWHERE this season and remembered that unfinished scarf sitting in my closet.

There were a couple of other basic sewing tasks I’d been wanting to accomplish, so I pulled out my sewing machine and grabbed the flannel to give it a try.

God must have given me an extra dose of patience, because I actually read the directions and threaded my machine in about 10 minutes.  That is an all-time record for me, people!  

The actual sewing portion probably took me about 30 minutes.  If you have a basic understanding of a sewing machine, I imagine you could actually complete this in 10-15 minutes.

Materials needed to make infinity scarf:

  • Sewing machine (Click here for the model I have.  It works well for amateur sewers such as myself)
  • 2 yards of fabric of choice (I’m linking a cute buffalo check fabric here)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Needle
  • Straight sewing pins

Beginner’s Guide to a simple infinity scarf:

STEP 1: Choose your lightweight fabric.

The piece I had was 16 x 80 inches, but keep in mind that is how it was given to me.  Plan on buying 2 yards of a fabric you love and you can make one scarf for yourself and one to give away!  

If you purchase 2 yards, just cut the fabric in half lengthwise and you are good to go for two scarves.

Select fabric for infinity scarf.

STEP 2:  Fold your material lengthwise with the right sides facing together.

infinity scarf folded like a hot dog.

STEP 3: Pin the long edge together and sew a straight seam about 1/2 inch from the long edge.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t measure how close my seam was. A straight line was my main objective!  I wouldn’t say I nailed it, but it’s definitely good enough.

Pinning edges when making scarf.
Sewing a DIY infinity scarf.

STEP 4:  Sew a “straight” seam on one of the narrow ends.

Sewing straight line seams on scarf.

Ok, this step is where I went off the tracks a little bit.  The next instructions you see might make my mom and sister shudder as I’m certain this is not the “correct” way to complete this scarf, but it worked.  

AND, it looks good.

STEP 5:  Next I turned the scarf right-side out and pinned the unsewn narrow end as shown below.Flannel scarf with pins

STEP 6: Then, I carefully lined up the narrow end (that was previously sewn in Step #4) and tucked it inside, sewing them together.

Flannel scarf seams.

I made sure my tube was lined up well and tried to match up the print as best I could.

Beginner’s Guide to a Simple infinity scarf:  You are done!

Completed DIY tube scarf.

This length of scarf will wrap around twice and be a good length.

April from Love Our Real Life wearing DIY infinity scarf

If I can do this, I have confidence that nearly anyone can!

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for some inexpensive fabric to make more. Have you made an infinity scarf before?  How did yours turn out?

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  1. I looove infinity scarves. This one is so cute and simple to make. It’s much different than the ones I usually crochet. This is better because it doesn’t take you days to make it. So cute.

  2. This is genius! I love how it came out. I need to invest in a sewing machine again lol. I will definitely have to try this technique out

  3. Your scarf turned out beautifully! Love the fabric and that it’s not super complicated to make! Great job!

  4. I haven’t sewn in quite a while, but this sounds like the perfect project to help me ease back into the hobby!

  5. I like the scarf! The colors and pattern are exactly what I would wear. My step daughter has a sewing machine she got for graduation. I will have to show her this and see if she could and would make one for me.

    1. I love this! I’m certain your daughter will be able to do it. I have very little sewing experience and this was still fairly easy. Maybe she can make matching scarves for the two of you;-)

  6. That’s a pretty nice sewing machine for an amateur! The scarf turned out beautiful. This is a great homemade Christmas gift idea! Thanks for the detailed tutorial.

    1. Thanks, Amanda! My sewing machine was a gift from my mom. Now that I’ve mastered threading the machine, maybe I’ll try some of the other features;-). Yes, the scarf would be a perfect Christmas gift!

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