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Are Dressers with Mirrors Out of Style?

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Keeping up with the latest trends can be tricky. Sometimes deciding between what’s in style and what is functional and practical can leave you confused. This leads me to my question of the day–– Are dressers with mirrors out of style?

Dressers with mirrors are in style, but they must have other qualities. As vintage furniture comes back in style, so have vintage dressers with mirrors. Wicker furniture is also coming back into style, so wicker dressers with mirrors are too. The most important thing is that it ties in with your decor. 

Silver dresser and attached mirror from Royal furniture
Photo source: Royalfurniture.com

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Classic style is, well…classic.

But in all honesty, most home decor, even things deemed ‘classic’ cycle in and out of style all the time.

Staying up with “what’s in” can be a bit exhausting, so my advice is to choose items for your home that you love and not to worry too much about what the latest trend magazines say.

Old dressers with attached mirrors can add real charm AND functionality to your bedroom.

Even if you have a dresser that doesn’t have an attached mirror, adding a mirror above it can be a great choice! It can make your room feel bigger and it can give you the opportunity to check your appearance before you head out the door.

Consider a few things so that you can make sure the mirror doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the area.

Vintage Dressers

Some vintage dressers were made with attached mirrors, and as vintage furniture has come back into style, so have their coordinating mirrors.

If you have a vintage dresser set, show it off and its mirror.

You can have a fantastic dresser that stands out, and you can pair it with other vintage pieces.

However, you don’t necessarily have to have a vintage dresser to make a dresser with a mirror look in style.

High Contrast Mirrors

If your dresser mirror offers some sort of contrast, it’s also in style.

For example, perhaps you have a neutral wall color and a mirror with a bold frame. You can add that mirror to your wall to make the mirror and dresser pop.

farmhouse style blue dreseer with vintage green mirror.
Photo Source: HGTV

On the other hand, you can add a minimalist mirror to a brightly colored wall. It will still provide the contrast that is becoming popular among interior designers.

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Rattan and Wicker

If you have a dresser with a mirror that has a rattan or wicker design, that can be very stylish.

These materials are seeing a return to the forefront of interior design, plus you can oftentimes use them in any room in the house.

Rattan and wicker offers a mix of summer vibes with a classic feel, so you can certainly make it look good in your bedroom.

As long as you don’t mix and match a wicker dresser with a different aesthetic, consider your dresser with a mirror to be fashionable.

rattan wicker furniture with book and pen.

How to Style a Dresser With a Mirror

If you have a dresser with a mirror, you should consider how to style it.

Then, you can make it look beautiful even if the materials or appearance isn’t completely in style right now.

Dresser Size

For some people, a dresser with a mirror will work beautifully. But if you have a tall dresser, a mirror above it will likely look out of place.

Tall dressers already take up a lot of vertical space, so pairing them with mirrors isn’t the best decorating option.

Adding something on top may negatively affect the appearance of that area of your room, and it may look overwhelming.

On the other hand, a shorter, wider dresser can look fantastic with a mirror.

However, if a mirror isn’t already attached, it’s key that you select a mirror that coordinates well with your dresser and other bedroom furniture.

Dresser Decor

Even if you have a short dresser, you should consider what you currently display on top. You may use the top of your dresser to store jewelry, hats or other accessories.

Or perhaps you like to keep a plant or other types of standard home decor there.

You could always create a fun vignette on top of your dresser to group things together in a functional, but beautiful way.

The idea is to style the top of your dresser in a way that is both practical and pretty!

Wall Space

You should also consider the wall space around your dresser and how that might look when you add or take away a mirror.

Think about if you have any pieces of art on the walls near your dresser.

Adding too many things on the walls can make the room feel smaller and cluttered.

You don’t want bare walls, but if you already have an abundance of wall art this should be a consideration prior to adding a mirror.

Wall decorations are especially important to think about in a small bedroom.

Whole Room

When adding any major design piece to your room, you want to contemplate how it will look overall.

Consider what types of pieces you have in your room now and how those look and will coordinate with a dresser/mirror combo.

Think about the design of your dresser, your bed, your side table and any other furniture in there.

Imagine how adding or removing a dresser mirror will change the balance and flow of the room.

For example, taking away a mirror could make the room look smaller.

black bedroom furniture and white and black bedding.

The style of your room can also affect whether a dresser with mirror is in or out of style.

If you have some vintage pieces, odds are one of them has a matching mirror.

But if you have all new stuff, adding a vintage dresser with a mirror might not make for a good decor flow.

Mirror Usage

You may also want to consider how you plan to use the mirror or if its main purpose is primarily for decoration.

Decorating your space with mirrors can open everything up and make you feel less closed in.

You could place a mirror off to the side of the dresser, near your closet or in a corner. A mirror could go over your bed or near a window.

Depending on your current layout, your dresser might not be the most stylish place for a mirror.

However, if you want to use the mirror while getting ready, over the dresser just makes sense.

Match the Mirror

If you need a new dresser and want to make a mirror look good with it, consider a matching set. Then, you can get both pieces that already have the same color, look, and design.

You’ll need to consider if matching it with the rest of your room is important to you.

I personally love bedroom furniture that isn’t too matchy-matchy. But, ultimately you need to find a look that makes you happy every day!

Still, finding a set can help you make your dresser and mirror look more in style.

You won’t have to worry about matching the colors and design yourself, and you won’t have to worry about placing the mirror in just the right spot.

If you already have a dresser and want to add a mirror, you should examine your dresser.

Look at the color of the materials, from the surface to the handles. If it’s a natural wood color, figure out the shade or the wood it contains. You may want to take a picture of it to reference later.

Then, you can go shopping for a mirror to coordinate.

Look for a mirror with the similar coloring, or you can match a metal mirror frame to the metal on the handles. But don’t forget to consider the size and shape of the mirror.

Don’t forget that painting an existing mirror frame is a great way to get more use out of vintage decor! Paint is my solution for nearly every decor dilemma.

Your Preference

While considering the interior design of your room is important for deciding if a mirror would look good over your dresser, that’s not the full story.

You need to consider whether or not you actually want a mirror.

If you want to get a dresser with a mirror that’s in style, go for something vintage or wicker. But if you want to mix and match, consider something with a lot of contrast.


Following the latest design trends can be fun, and many recent trends offer room for dressers with mirrors.

Vintage and wicker furniture are both making comebacks, but you can also pair your dresser with a vibrant mirror frame.

Consider your style and how you can make a dresser with a mirror work for you.

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