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Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Every Day

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Bathroom cleaning is not at the top of the list of fun things to do for most! But, we all love a clean bathroom.

Today, I’m sharing simple ways to keep your bathroom tidy every day!

Clean master bathroom.

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This week, we are all about cleaning our homes at Love Our Real Life. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t love to clean, but it makes such a difference in loving the home you’re in.

So, it’s worth the extra work. I’m not talking perfection, but clean enough that we feel relaxed and comfortable in our surroundings.

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Today, let’s tackle the bathroom!

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Bathroom Cleaning Tips for day to day use:

Most of the cleaning tasks I mention will not take more than a few minutes here and there. But, every little bit adds up to a more tidy space! Take the few moments each day to knock it out!

Some tasks might require a little extra effort, but all in all, not a lot.

1. Keep a cleaning caddy in an area that is convenient to your bathroom.

All of the cleaning supplies corralled together is a real time saver! After my recent bathroom organization project, I freed up some space in my bathroom cabinets for the caddy!

When I need to clean something, I just grab it and I’m ready to go.

Bathroom cleaning supplies kept in a caddy in the cabinet.

2. Wipe down the shower after each use

Take a few moments to squeegee the shower door and wall tiles. Or, after you have finished drying off with your towel, wipe the door and wall down with the towel.

This extra step in the morning will save you a lot of extra work when it’s time to deep clean the shower. By the way, cleaning a shower is possibly my least favorite house cleaning task of all time!

I get the struggle with this one 100%.

3. Clean the counters and sink after getting ready

Makeup, hair products, etc. can leave the bathroom counters and sink pretty messy. A little trick I like to use is taking the hand towel to wipe the entire area after I’m finished getting ready.

Of course this means changing out the hand towel daily, but this really doesn’t add a ton of laundry and a fresh hand towel is nice to have.

Some times as an alternative, I’ll clean the counter with my wash cloth when I’m finished washing my face!

Clean a bathroom counter daily with a hand towel or washcloth for a tidy bathroom space.

4. Sweep the bathroom floor two times weekly

If you have a toilet room within your bathroom, it’s easy to tuck a Swiffer broom behind the door. Having easy access to the Swiffer makes it fast and painless to sweep the floors a couple times a week.

5. Clean mirrors weekly

Water splashes and such can leave nasty water spots on the mirrors. Take a few moments to wipe the mirrors. Once weekly is likely enough to make them look nice!

Once again, having a handy cleaning caddy makes this task fast and easy!

6. Empty trash as needed (1- 2 times weekly)

For small trash cans, I like to keep several extra bags or occasionally I’ll leave an entire roll of small trash bags in the bottom of the trash can.

Emptying trash once or twice a week is likely enough.

I make an exception to this in our guest bathroom if  we are expecting company. In that case, a clean / completely empty trash can is the way to go!

7. Clean toilets two times each week

Just do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Wipe down the toilet with your cleaner of choice and quickly clean out the toilet with a toilet brush.

If you are married, make a deal that you can each take a turn during the course of the week. It’s a task that doesn’t take very long, but needs to be done.

Let’s keep up the cleaning momentum, friends! Tomorrow, we’ll dive into tips for keeping the living room clean!

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Bathroom cleaning tips and tricks
Empty toilet paper roll.

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