How to Secure a Heavy Leaning Mirror to the Wall

Full length mirrors are a great way to see if your entire outfit is perfect before walking out the door. 

Secure Leaning Mirror

But, making sure those heavy mirrors are safe around your children and pets can be a big concern. Ensure your mirror is securely anchored to the wall.

Safety is important!

How to Keep a Leaning Mirror From Sliding

Once we determined exactly where the mirror would go, I cut a strip of drawer liner (that had that rubber grip feel) to put under either side of the mirror.

We Used QuakeHold Furniture Safety Straps.

The kit comes with two heavy duty nylon straps that you stick to the back of your mirror (or other heavy piece of furniture).


This adhesive is seriously sticky. One end of the strap sticks to the back of the mirror, the other end is screwed into a wall stud.