Follow these tips to paint your cabinet or furniture hardware and ensure it lasts!

To paint cabinet hardware, you must remove the hardware and clean it well. After ample dry time, apply 3-4 thin coats of spray paint. Allow 48 hours for dry time, then reattach.

Whether you are painting kitchen cabinet hardware, hardware from bathroom cabinets or even on household furniture, it will need to be removed prior to painting.

Clean hardware prior to painting. Use a good degreaser, especially if the hardware was around cooking and daily use.

The best way I have found to paint screws, and often pulls  and handles is by putting them on an egg carton!

Paint with a quality primer and paint. I find spray paint to work great. Then, allow plenty of dry time prior to reattaching.

The egg carton trick has saved me so much time and it makes it easy to keep track of screws!

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