How to Hang a Heavy Mirror Using Command Strips

There are many reasons you’ll want to hang a mirror without drilling or using nails and screws. It could be that the wall isn’t made to support drilling, or you want a hanging solution that is a bit more temporary, which can allow you to quickly take down the mirror.

Command hanging strips are one of the popular products from the Command brand. The company is one of the top makers of adhesive strips that don’t do any damage.

Their hanging strips come with specially designed adhesive that makes it easy for you to hang your mirror securely without worrying about leaving a sticky residue or ruining your paint job.

This product makes it easy to change your mirror's position or take it down completely with minimal fuss. You don’t have to worry about leaving holes in your wall.

You’ll need to work out the size of the mirror first to decide on the right size and number of strips to use. Also, not allowing enough time for the strips to stick to the wall before mounting the mirror is another reason why the mirror can fall off.

Not cleaning the walls prior to placing the Command Strips is one mistake some make when hanging heavy items. Learn all the other mistakes to avoid in the full post.