A Home Project Plan that WORKS!

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Create an Organized Plan for Home Projects

Do you have trouble knowing what home project to tackle next? OR are you simply too overwhelmed to even start?

The Custom Home Project Planning Binder can help! Create a home you are proud of, one project at at time!

Put a stop to half-finished home projects once and for all!

Everyone deserves to love their home! You don’t have to have an interior design background to find your own style. Stop wasting your time starting projects, then getting stuck with what to do next! The CUSTOM HOME PROJECT PLANNING BINDER can guide you with a plan to target what really NEEDS to be done!

I understand exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed by all of the home projects that need to be done. That is exactly why I’ve created this binder.

Everyone deserves to feel empowered to conquer their home project list, to feel organized with a simple plan for home projects, and to create a home you LOVE!

Get a better understanding of where you need to put your focus within your home and stop overthinking ALL. THE. THINGS. JUST START!

Happy Notes

you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes… and there is a better way!

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I get how frustrating it feels to have your plate overflowing with to do lists and home projects on top of a busy life. I know first hand how hectic it can be to work…Plus, fulfill the roles of being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, etc. Just like you…

So, just like you, I needed an organized system to help me manage all of the projects, big and small, in my home. I was tired of feeling like I was drowning and I’m sure you are, too! I refused to let “all the things” get the best of me. I wanted a home where I loved spending time. 

Can you relate?

There is good news…YOU can create a home you love, too!


The Home Project Planning Binder

By using the Custom Home Project Planning Binder, you can stop stressing about every project you need to get done…because you have a plan!

Having a plan allows you to jump in with what needs to be done so you don’t have to waste any more time wondering…”what’s next?!”. When we are confused, we tend to simply do NOTHING!

The key is focusing on ONE project at a time. This is easy to do if you have a plan!

Watch the video to see more about what’s inside! 👇

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

  • Get a better understanding of what you expect from your home and how you desire to live in it.
  • Have an organized way to track important home details for later reference.
  • Get inspired for your next home project in the space you need it most.
  • Have a system for home maintenance to save you money and stay prepared, avoiding unnecessary home emergencies that could have been prevented.
  • Get well-thought-out worksheets to help you plan projects in each room.
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List of home projects.
List of home projects by room.


Starter Binder

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• Q&A Get Specific About Home Needs
• Most Troublesome 5 Spaces
• Home Pop Quiz
• 5 Secrets to a Happy Home
• Home Word Finder
• Love Your Home
• Small Steps That Might Help 

✔️ HOME STATS/TRACKING ($12 value)
• Home Information
• Room Details
• Paint Color Tracker
• Dimensions by Room (3 customizable pages)
•Home Improvement Tracker
• Inventory of Home Contents
• Warranty Tracker

• Home project ideas for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and outdoors
• 30 Easy Projects

• Home Maintenance Checklist for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall
• Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist (pre-filled and blank for customization)
• Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist (blank)
• Power Outage Survival Kit (list)

• Before You Start…
• Bid Details Checklist
• Contractor Bid

✔️ PROJECTS BY ROOM ($8 value)
• Worksheets to track projects for living room, kitchen, bathroom, entryway, dining room, closet, bedroom, hallway, basement, porch/deck/patio, and landscaping

Total Value = $69

Regular Price = $37

Today’s Price = $19


Deluxe Binder (Best Value)

project binder without background over green.

DELUXE BINDER – best value!


✔️ PLANNING ($22 value)
• Get Busy: Productivity (daily schedule)
• Yearly DIY Project Calendar
• Monthly Project Calendar
• Projects to Hire Calendar
• Get It Done
• To Do List
• Plan the Week
• Daily Planner
• Weekly Schedule
• Monthly List

✔️ GOAL SETTING ($12 value)
• Expectations for Project
• Assign a Due Date
• Yearly Home Goals by Month
• Life Goals

• 30 Day Organization Calendar
• Declutter Room by Room

✔️ BONUS 2: NOTES/ SKETCHES ($4 value)
• Sketch Your Ideas
• Notes
• Notebook Page

✔️ BONUS 3: EXPENSES ($4 value)
• Weekly Expenses
• Project Expense Tracker

Total Value = $116

Regular Price = $47

Today’s Price = $29

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What You’ll Get in the DELUXE Binder:

Everything from the Starter Binder, PLUS:

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goal setting mockup.


  • Declutter and Organize
  • Notes Sketches
  • Expenses
bonus 1 decluttering mockup.

bonus 2 notes and sketches.
Tracking expenses for home projects.

What readers say:

This is perfect for any homeowner. So many great ideas for brainstorming home projects, but even better, an organized system to track all of the moving parts! I highly recommend this for anyone who needs inspiration for home projects, big or small.


FAQs about the Home Project Planning Binder

This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT. No items will be mailed to you. You will need to PRINT the pages of this binder.

You will be able to access your Custom Home Project Planning Binder within minutes after purchase so you can start organizing ALL your upcoming home projects. The printables are delivered to you via a download link in an email.

I do not offer refunds as this is an instant download. However, know it is my mission for you to be 100% satisfied with this product. If you are not satisfied, I want to know. Send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss it.

I think it is best to get a pretty binder (I promise you will use it more if you like the way it looks) for your Custom Home Project Planning printables. Immediately print all the pages you think you will need and use a three-hole punch to place them in the binder. Keep the binder in an easy-to-access location for quick reference!


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Price reduction on home binder starter.


Please note that this product is a digital download that you can print at home (nothing will be shipped). You will receive instant access after purchase.